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Chengdu Yuesao challenge now than the house is also pretty people give anti-dig
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Yuesao industry exposure rule, the public expressed dissatisfaction, but the frustration Yuesao industry had become a seller's market; lawyers said the practice increases the risk of employers and the legal Yuesao Seeing the child born will be Yuesao not get a good run several successive Yuesao company, expectant mothers are told Zhang Jing, who is there, but the first agency to a large monthly fees and prepaid Sao wages, companies can safety Row Yuesao interview. People can not see to give you the money first, so employ Yuesao right? It turned out that the company take advantage of the interview in order to prevent Yuesao employment relationship and employers without permission, to avoid pumping into the company, which affect the company's benefits Like the strokes. This is within the industry known as the "anti-digging fee." Phenomenon>>> Yuesao employed mothers were asked to give money to look at the person first Jing was born in 1984, found himself last September when there was pregnant, due date is late in March, Guowanchunjie, she began to raise the employment Yuesao. "Too depressing, and run several Yuesao company, even Yuesao Have not see the face, would require the first pay. "Jing said the company not only'll need Yuesao intermediary fees, but also let her advance 1-3 months of salary, then arrange Yuesao meet her," This is not tantamount to tie me dead Well . "Jing that her company's approach difficult to accept - people can not see to the money, how to ensure employment to the appropriate Yuesao? The discontent of the people, do not worry, said a company manager Yuesao: call every day, too many people consult Yuesao, if you want to book a better reputation, more experienced Yuesao, six months before the birth Have to pay a deposit, "the fundamental worries about the source, the employer no choice." Yuesao about Take away the 3 agency into the private life of their own cost-effective access "Last year Yuesao market is hot, this is the company to prevent Yuesao quit, then move out to private life, industry insiders have said the money was 'anti-dig costs'." 32-year-old Wang Ping (a pseudonym) two years ago after training posts A Yuesao. Work experience year and a half now, she is also worth 1,500 yuan per month from the initial rise to the present 2,800 yuan per month. Be "2800" figure, Wang Ping is also not happy, "tell the truth, at first I I am grateful to corporate training, but the company pumped into too dark, saying it was 2,800 yuan, I actually hand the only 1700 yuan. "So, Yuesao and there is agreement between the companies, Yuesao each sign a client, the company had pumped into every home Chengdu not the same as the company's pumping, but most have remained at 3 percent or so. Money by the company take that, Wang Ping reluctantly, so long as the company, one she went to the employer's interview, she would take the initiative to inform the employer, if not paid by the company contracted to play 8 off, "Is this better than the public- Secretary signing earn more. " Companies complain The high cost of training, the first fixed income Yuesao metal helpless Yesterday, the reporter visited Chengdu, several large Yuesao company, were told first to the intermediary fees and deposit. Good Yuesao company in Chengdu, for example, if the employment of 2,000 yuan per month Yuesao offer, within the Chengdu The employer must first pay 2,000 yuan, while the county's employers, who lives 6,000 prepayment is required before and Yuesao meet. "Yuesao and general housekeeping not the same, this is a technology live." Talking about money first and then interview the issue, as Have a well-known marketing manager Yuesao also some frustration. The manager said, Yuesao to learn the baby shower, pregnant women, meal preparation, baby care and emergency first aid and other related courses, which requires companies to train; from recruitment To get into the corporate training Yuesao certificate issued by the Bureau of Labor and nursing teacher card, which requires at least 1-3 months. "Are the company invested, the company can not do trading losses, thanks to royalties and revenue agency fees collected to live." The manager said. Some Yuesao can be in the "apprenticeship", in order to avoid the company rake to take advantage of the interview and the employer sign the bill privately, which led directly to the company a huge loss of orders, "If all pick up private life, and that the company is only Closed. " Lawyers say>>> "Anti-digging fee" Protection of interests of the company "From a legal point of view, no illegal practices Yuesao companies." Lawyer of Sichuan House of Tan Xiu Jian said that, there is no law prohibiting such acts. Within the industry may be unspoken rules that protect only Yuesao interests of the company, has increased the employer's legal risk. At present, some companies are not formal Yuesao, is likely to cost to the company, but can not get the corresponding reward Yuesao choose to leave, the last company may Empty. Therefore, employers must find regular, strong, more reputable company, and signed the corresponding contract, delivery costs have to obtain a copy of the corresponding regular bills, in case the last Buneng rights. Sociologist,>>> Yuesao industry should be standardized In this regard, Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences sociologist Professor Hu Guangwei that this demand for Yuesao heat is normal, to solve this "hard to find a Sister" situation, you first need to introduce market mechanisms, improve Yuesao The Income level, to attract more people into the platform. Second, the need to strengthen training. Training institutions to scale and specialization. In addition, strong liquidity in the industry, the relevant agencies in Yuesao team management, construction Should set out mechanisms for a more mature person. On Yuesao, the establishment of training posts, recommend employment, visit monitoring, follow-up training of the personnel system; on Yuesao company, you need to tighten the management efforts. Post intern reporter Zhang Yan Zhao Xiaowei (this edition are from the network graph) Industry Dictionary Yuesao hidden rules Rake: It Yuesao that the employer gives the commission at 2,800 yuan a month, then drawn into the agency about 1,100 yuan monthly. Anti-rake: Yuesao have a certain capacity, the interview with the employer, the commission will be raised privately (such as 2,800 yuan) discount (up to 2,300 yuan), set aside an intermediary, a private contract with their employers, in order to make more money. Anti-dig costs: agency jargon, to the employer before the interview Yuesao deposit and monthly payment of wages means Yuesao tit for tat "anti rake." Seller's market: agency said, and now some six months ahead of receiving the employment Yuesao appointment can be seen in this industry do not worry no buyers.