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Charges quadrupled Yuesao 6 years but less
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In a few days, Mr Yip's precious child will born, his parents had arrived in Chengdu, helping to take care of his wife and the upcoming birth of baby. Follow the recommendations of friends, Mr Yip is also preparing to invite a "Yuesao." From Chengdu several large domestic companies have asked, the results far exceeded his expectations: now like to ask an experienced Yuesao, charges have been friends of the mouth than quadrupled over 1,000 yuan, but also line up.

"Now people are willing to do less and less Yuesao, the price is always rising." Chengdu, a major domestic company official told reporters in Chengdu Commercial Daily, the current average wage Yuesao Chengdu has more than 3,000 yuan, and 6 years ago, he started going to line only 1,000 yuan.

Liu month old son has just introduced the general customer needs from domestic companies are looking for Yuesao, customers actually have to pay 4,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan domestic companies retained the management fee, and is Yuesao wages.

Working too hard

Most career as "part-time"

11 am the day before yesterday, when the reporter went to Qin as about her aunt, she just got up, "End of a mother and child time to take care of at least 5 days to rest, nourishing food, sleepy, or certainly can not afford to." Looked at the hands of reporters the camera, she refused to take pictures Bai Zhuoshou, "this way too haggard, and where on the very newspaper, oh."

Qin, 44, is a senior Yuesao aunt, an official engaged in this occupation, she helped bring a few back and forth ten children, started work in Yuesao, she did 5 years " very tired. "Throughout the interview, it became Aunt Qin around saying.

She said, Yuesao is a rare rest day, 24 hours of work, whether it is day or night, just a little guy crying, she would first get up from his blanket, ready to eat him, or changing clothes, plus coax little guy back to sleep, at least twelve hours of time. Not only that, take care of the mother of confinement is an inconvenience, they are at this time, most of the good appetite, eat a lot of tons per day, just do so many meals a day is not a simple matter.

Qin aunt in view, the most troublesome thing to do Yuesao how the customer at the relationship. "Most young couples now get along better, but the elderly will have trouble." She said, after training, she found some of the old concept of the past, in fact, is unhealthy and not conducive to the growth of newborns, but for older often stubborn, that the whole Yuesao wrong, "I definitely want to be responsible for the children, so it insisted, this way, the dispute to a certainty. encountered unreasonable employers, this heart is tired tired than the body is also annoyed . "

"Many of my friends, now gone career as part-time." Qin aunt said, after the young couple now 80, no time to do a lot of cooking and housework, please a lot of part-time, "only to clean the health, cook rice, earns about 800 yuan a month. day to do three, one month down to do Yuesao with similar income, but also every day, go home, take care of the home can really be much easier. "

"But I do not want to change, because I really like kids. When to switch? Other older point to say it." She laughs.

Staff shortage

Wages have gone up and up

"Now people are willing to do Yuesao really hard to find." Head of Human Resources of Sichuan Chuanmei Zi Zhao Guangxu Home Economics Ltd. said.

As a relatively hard Yuesao occupation, requires considerable physical strength, Chuanmei Zi Corporation Yuesao has limited the maximum age of 45 years, over that age are not, and now they have to relax this standard to 55 years old, But very few people are still attracted. "In the past Yuesao most important source of rural women, while a small part of the city, but now the resources are there Yuesao fault."

Zhao Guangxu, and now the "50 after", "60 after" groups, the youngest has been 40 years old, with the age of this group increased, more and more people will gradually withdraw from Yuesao even domestic industry, but "after 70", "80" group of most rural people are out of the rural to urban workers, the majority of them are reluctant to engage in Yuesao industry, "gradually withdrawing older, younger of but do not want to add in, gradually forming a fault. "

One result of the fault occurred, Yuesao rising wages. "Now, a little bit of experience Yuesao, wages must be at least 3,000 yuan." Zhaoguang Xu said.

Very different

Yuesao is even more beautiful

Although the average wage of 3,000 yuan, but the reporter found that the wage Yuesao very different each other.

It is reported that the wages of Yuesao from 2,000 yuan to 6,000 per month, this difference is how formed? Zhaoguang Xu told reporters in Chengdu Commercial Daily, the level of wages determined Yuesao many aspects. In addition to experience requirements, the domestic company's reputation will be compared Yuesao rigorous examination, "after all, is to stay at home in another month or more, personality, temperament, etc. becomes very important, customer complaints and more Yuesao wages must be low, whereas more than praise Yuesao, wages will surely be higher. "he said, in addition to the appearance of Yuesao affect their wage rates are also a factor," is relatively young, and looks pretty point Yuesao, wages will be higher. This is because many parents who believe their children who go hand in hand with a long, so most of them hoping to find a more beautiful Yuesao grow. "

A domestic company executive said that due to supply and demand imbalance, it fixed Yuesao rarely work in a company, often domestic company received an order, go to contact Yuesao, so that, between the Company and Yuesao bargaining power is relatively weak, and some companies will only receive 500 yuan management fee.

To standardize

Yuesao the certificates

With the development of the industry is gradually Yuesao industry norms. It is reported that although there is no qualification for holding posts Yuesao card mandatory, but the next step will be strict employment sector, must undergo rigorous training, the certificates.

Zhaoguang Xu said the company will ask the last formal Yuesao strict training and obtain the appropriate certificate, but there are many Yuesao not received such training, on their own to the maternity hospital "Lanhuo."

"After Yuesao formal training, quality of service will certainly be much higher." Zhaoguang Xu said, the content of pre-job training Yuesao many, including infant bath method, maternal care, in general, domestic companies invited by the professional training institutions for specialized training, combined with relevant scientific theory, not exactly as the old past experience with children.

"This is a trend Yuesao industry." Reporter yesterday learned from the employment sector of Chengdu, with the gradual Yuesao industry norms, the future must be present before induction Yuesao "three cards", that the health card, ID card and qualification certificates. The reporter learned from the many domestic companies, they will develop next Yuesao's rating system, passing through various levels of Yuesao divide and improve the industry's overall service level.