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[Informal discussion of special subject of function of service of perfect and co
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Service center of introduction of profession of the Changsha City is the government that be subordinate to belongs to labor of the Changsha City and social security bureau orgnaization of public office interpose, next administer divide a center twice. In recent years, we are held to it is with the person this working concept, extend public office interpose actively to serve a function, raise service quality and level hard, advance obtain employment to serve a system to change in the round, specialization, socialization construction. Report working case as follows now:

One, extend communal profession actively the introduction serves a function

It is to strengthen hardware to build, perfect window serves establishment. Two big markets set service center of city profession introduction the professional introduction that has more than 1000 square metre serves the hall, the setting has to apply for a job to register match, choose and employ persons is registered, policy seeks advice, the window such as obtain employment aid, person specially assigned for a task serves. Setting of function of two big markets includes resource of invite applications for a job of the professional introduction, vocational guidance, invite applications for a job on the net, long-range interview, special performance, manpower to send, quality of obtain employment service, talent evaluates graduate of the poineering guidance, plan that use worker worker, college service, salary is believed. In the meantime, scope of business of two big markets has the center each again emphasize particularly on, central market basically serves for personnel of to apply for a job of the city zone, another market side goes into town at be opposite again personnel of to apply for a job serves. Differ according to serving a target, on layout, two big markets also have difference. Emphasize particularly on to go into town at be opposite for example the market that personnel of to apply for a job serves, the basis serves the need of the object, we set room of check of wrap up, tool in the place that take the door, establish water continuously establishment, on window setting, authority of special setting dimension is informed against, complain, legal advisory room. Pensile " farmer friend worked hard " wait for catchphrase, offer in focal point of hall data pen " go into town Wu industry points for attention " , " spring breeze gets stuck " , freedom of staff of office of supply and demand is taken read.

2 it is active service, begin " 0 distances " send post the activity. "0 distances " send post the activity, it is us 2003 " SARS " during a when carry out civilian service measure. The course fumbles ceaselessly and perfect, this activity already became take up an occupation of the Changsha City again a window that obtain employment works. "SARS " during, unfavorable hold concentration activity of spot invite applications for a job, we send community, family and individual post. Come nearly 3 years, hold small-sized invite applications for a job to meet many 1650 early or late, help 14600 much people find the job. Begin from last year, we not only send post, still send policy, send a service, send groom, send loan. Safeguard of as safe as medical treatment, unemployed insurance, endowment insurance, labor is censorial at the same time door waiting for a ministry begins labor to ensure integrated service jointly. According to the whole nation " spring breeze acts " unified deploy, group of our development villages and towns, village, hold special performance invite applications for a job to meet, offerred the trade such as meal, Bao Jie, storage, content shedding, building nearly two years for labour force of rural have more than needed post of 27 thousand many obtain employment, make service output channel more expedite. By last year, we still hold invite applications for a job of spot of first prison system to meet jointly with province jail management board, reached obtain employment intent with 349 person that be about to take the special to apply for a job with full prison term. Media of countrywide much home had a story to this, social echo is intense.
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