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"Yuesao" to be "Miss January" should also have
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High threshold of public hospitals, a large number of medical school graduates can not have a formal establishment, a monthly salary of less than two thousand dollars. Can the training of medical school students as "Miss May", adds "Yuesao" groups go? 15 reported Yuesao newspaper industry booming, the major hospitals in Wuhan City, the head nurse in a well-known reporter Keung contact, made such a vision. Keung said the general could get three or four Yuesao Wuhan thousand dollars, or even six or seven thousand dollars. A tremendous contrast with the high income that is subject Yuesao laid-off workers and rural women, who generally high educational level, lack of professional nursing knowledge, the main rule of thumb. If you can absorb a large number of medical school graduates enter the industry, is expected to enhance the industry level, for maternal and newborn to provide more professional services; but also for the baby to carry out some physical development, intellectual development of early childhood training, the "Yuesao" This A call is updated to "Miss January." Referral by the reporter, Miss Jiang and Zhang Dalong fo under Tongji Yuesao conducted exchanges. Zhang Dalong Yuesao industry in more than a decade, he said that Miss Jiang's idea of good, but there are some practical problems. The first is the concept of change of employment, many medical school graduates would rather get 1,000 yuan in the hospital, than when Yuesao that the line "were lost", the parents of resistance are also high. He trained thousands of Yuesao, there are very few professional nursing qualifications, and difficult to stick to it. Secondly, the "confinement" is a typical Chinese tradition, itself a certain degree of empirical, medical school graduates 20 years old, unmarried no education, maternal and family difficult to get recognition. However, the number of people in the industry think, better educated, younger Yuesao should be the development direction of the industry, worth the effort.