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Texas Naoqi "Yuesao shortage" 6000 Gold Yuesao paid employees do not come
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"The recent Yuesao really hard to find, it does not, I asked the city several domestic companies, are not readily available Yuesao. Each have let me leave contact information, etc. With Yuesao further notice to me." Lives Dezhou City, Shandong Province, one of Ms. Wang told reporters, because the middle of this month daughter will have children, she would like to wait on a professional Yuesao wife confinement, but the one asked, looking Yuesao also know To make reservations in advance. Similarly, 27-year-old who lives in Texas, Liu zone also told reporters that she would have a baby two months, because the elderly are not at home in Texas, could not help the couple care for children, even her confinement is a , so she figured Yuesao please an experienced babysitter. But one asked only know a little better because the small number of Yuesao, was booked, only to find general or a Star Award Yuesao. "We also have no experience, or find a professional point of people to help better, did not think this had to act in advance." Dezhou City, a reporter saw domestic service centers, Yuesao the different levels, corresponding wages are different. Yuesao monthly salary of 1,200 yuan ordinary, a monthly salary of 1,300 yuan Yuesao star, gold Yuesao 2700 yuan monthly salary, to the highest level of the Chief Gold Yuesao, wages reached 3,000 yuan. If it is full-time work, each level of the corresponding double. That is, if the chief to hire a full-time gold medal Yuesao, to pay a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan. Even so, want to hire Yuesao even better line up early to make an appointment. The center staff told reporters after pregnancy, many pregnant women know to make an appointment, so there is a long time to find a satisfactory Yuesao. Now, every day they received a telephone appointment Yuesao. Yuesao different levels of the company's customers now have their own, some Yuesao customers have lined up several of, and even common to find Yuesao does not mean that you will find the. Increasing the level of people's lives, so the growing market demand, so Naoqi the "Yuesao shortage." Basically, now only a couple one child, do not have much experience, plus many new dad new mother have only one child, just to take care of myself, and no energy and ability to care for their children, which also prompted a "month Sao Shortage "intensified.