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Guangdong Zhaoqing "Yuesao" sought-after invitation of the German boss to go a
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40-year-old Yung Liang Qun Zhaoqing City became the "gold Yuesao." 26, she told the media that the German boss of her with her back to Germany to continue to take care of the German children. She said she made a Yuesao German investment in Zhaoqing boss is very satisfied with her service, she has become a "messenger of German folk-friendly." Duanzhou in Zhaoqing area "domestic situation Zhaoqing training" scene, "The baby likes sweet smile," and "dress action should be gentle, do not harm tender baby skin," "Do not forget to make eye contact," quasi-Yuesao They just showered the simulation is to baby clothes. Yuesao Chengyue Lan said his goal is to make "gold Yuesao" I hope within a five year evaluation are excellent employers. Chen Weihong FY vocational training school principals, the "Yuesao are" in addition to theoretical and practical training for participation, but also the qualification test. She said, Zhaoqing Yuesao huge market potential, training, the participants were mostly booked. It is reported that Yuesao set of nannies, nurses, cooks, teachers work in one. The current monthly salary Yuesao 2500-5800 yuan in between, Zhaoqing Yuesao's monthly salary is 3500-4000 yuan, Guangzhou and other developed areas of the monthly salary is 4500-5000 yuan, foreign rewards more lucrative. Work in a local handbag new with the beam in 2003, dismissed by the factory after the mother, and now attend a free Yuesao courses. Leung said a new band, previously not care for newborn children, now have professional skills, but also with confidence. 29-year-old Yuan Fuping training, changing the traditional thinking of Yuesao and practices. She said the post-partum use ginger water bath will help fend off the cold, the body is more conducive to maternal recovery. Before the child vomit milk, only know that beat back, beat back to the left side now know the location of the stomach, bent to the palm, palm empty shot, will not hurt the baby.