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[Offer] clean homemaking of home of home of the Chengdu City protects clean
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My company is the business that a major pursues clean service. Hold water from 1998 up to now, all previous classics 10 carry go through the mill, with constantly strive to become stronger struggle and the collaboration of as professional as international orgnaization. Become cleanness of the Chengdu City and homemaking market quickly to go up to have distinguishing feature most, have actual strength most, provide the professional, bibcock that has force most most enterprise.

Enter after 2000, the company is able to grow quickly, at present the company has of all kinds administrator, the company advocates on management the government that standardization adds human nature to change, got in market activity owner people an earnestly. In the meantime, the member that the company has the professional technology project of a high quality to use a worker and the employee team that have rich management experience, the business environment that standardization, human nature changes makes them more sincere letter, more respect more course of study, cordial, of the connoisseur inside periodic course of study groom with guidance, make they more specialization, more standardization, more internationalization, make they can be competent thereby the construction of all sorts of places and spot director job.

The clean service that at present my company provides in the Chengdu City involves property whole cleanness thing of cleanness of material of Bao Jie, special type, family cleanness, family maintains, domestic cleanness maintains the domain such as the program.
Company program:
Sincere letter----Complete sincerity comes letter, achieve your satisfaction with excellent service

Company headquarters: Jiang Hanlu 54
The first branch: Double Lin Lu of Cheng Hua area 20
The 2nd branch: Battalion doorway stands hand in on the side
The 3rd branch: 3 friend road 66
The 4th branch: The road austral Yulin
The 5th branch: Road of clear Changjiang Delta
The 6th branch: Burst send?
The 7th branch: 3 holes bridge
24 hours serve a hot line: 02884 255100 15528 165883
Countrywide free telephone call: 4008-100-100 turns (clean homemaking of home of home of the Chengdu City serves)
Come for years, my company goes after good quality indefatigably, the client serves consummately, won the reliance of broad client and support.