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[Offer] homemaking serves good helper major
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The price: The face discusses supply and demand: Offer a category: Lunar elder brother's wife
Area: Qing Yang -
Label: Lunar elder brother's wife
Chengdu protects homemaking of clean good helper to serve limited company our company are to have independent corporative normal and industrial and commercial register an unit, the company sets at present: The ministry of service of domestic Bao Jie, wall outside cleaning carpet to serve ministry, project open up wasteland to serve ministry, Lou Yu cleans stucco of paint of wall of service ministry, inside and outside to serve face-lifting of ministry, marble to clean wax crystallization conserve serves ministry, floor to wax the daily Bao Jie of ministry of service having candle, company.

Our advantage: The   of   of   of road     that the employee that through us arduous job satisfies each domestic demand to face urban family to offer perfect and reasonable resource allocation to be his seeks to suit his to develop   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of       : It is with the person this, it is with the client's demand oneself assume strict requirement, standardization is managed provide considerate and convenient service for the client with good professional quality
Our mission: Let every family set one's mind at, make every client gratified, make every employee happy, let Shu Xin of every homemaking personnel,
Service tenet:  of accept of male of Lei of thorium of vinegar of  of  of  of Zhun of  of Mu of archives of ㄒ of dream cheek close Tou?

Company headquarters: Main street of suitable city of the Chengdu City adds 2 168 numbers
One branch double Lin Lu 87
2 branch hand in the highroad to make big garden 2 buildings 3 unit 5
The road austral 3 branch Yulin 27
Road of 4 branch smooth blessing oil encloseds ground for growing trees on the west homemaking of the good helper opposite side
5 branch bright and beautiful homemaking of 65 terminus good helper serves Hua Lu five a little bit
6 branch clear Jiang Donglu 58 5 date buildings
Company stock special serves 24 hours for you, holiday endlessly
Connect a telephone call: 843 60277 8431 1833
QQ: 502 056942
Mailbox: 843 60277@163.com
Network address: Http://baijingyu.wtianx.com/
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