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[Offer] Bao Jie serves good helper
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The price: The face discusses supply and demand: Offer a category: Lunar elder brother's wife
Area: - of bright and beautiful river
Label: Lunar elder brother's wife
Chengdu protects homemaking of clean good helper to serve limited company our company are to have independent corporative normal and industrial and commercial register an unit, the company sets at present: The ministry of service of domestic Bao Jie, wall outside cleaning carpet to serve ministry, project open up wasteland to serve ministry, Lou Yu cleans stucco of paint of wall of service ministry, inside and outside to serve face-lifting of ministry, marble to clean wax crystallization conserve serves ministry, floor to wax the daily Bao Jie of ministry of service having candle, company.
One, open up wasteland is cleaned
Bilateral delimit cleans the limits that protect clean, make clean Bao Jie to plan, what maintain a volume character is protect to finish inside conventional time clean Bao Jie.
2, carpet is cleaned
. Use tool: Bibulous machine, 3 fast carpet boast entrance carpet cleaning machine, rug clear lotion of carpet of the rinsing equipment such as dry machine and clear lotion of tall bubble carpet, low bubble, carpet removes the special drug such as be soiled agent.
3, headroom glass is cleaned, outside wall stucco
Have the headroom construction team with an old construction, aptitude, certificate is all ready. Use condole the professional tool such as blue, boatswain chair and condole rope
, in the light of vitreous act wall, aluminium model board and building substance appearance undertake clean and whitewashing waiting for a project, we go out through old experience summary
oneself professional construction. Current, the company already had certain long-term fixed client, get the client's reliance.
4, of of all kinds floor clean, wax
Use an entrance candle of advanced liquid face is right all sorts of soft grounds (plastic ground, soft glue ground) , all sorts of stone material and wooden floor ground are entered
Clean Bao Jieqing to divide ground besmirch all right, hand-in-hand travel major waxes polishing, restore instinctive quality and luster quickly what make.
5, stone material renovates conserve
Use professional equipment to undertake to material of old caustic stone burnish is renovated, make stone material restores brightness, enhance lens side effect.
6, Shi Caiqing is washed, material undertakes pair of new old rock such as pink of repellent of crystallization processing use entrance, clear lotion, crystallization clean and crystallize processing, use crystallization conserve fluid to undertake fixed conserve.
Our advantage: The   of   of   of road     that the employee that through us arduous job satisfies each domestic demand to face urban family to offer perfect and reasonable resource allocation to be his seeks to suit his to develop   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of       : It is with the person this, it is with the client's demand oneself assume strict requirement, standardization is managed provide considerate and convenient service for the client with good professional quality
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