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Homemaking of clean of day of the Chengdu City (Bao Jie) the company is the professional corporation that cleanness of a collect is cleaned and homemaking service is an organic whole, found at 2 3 years 00 in August, it is a legal person business that registers normally. Existing and of all kinds professional is close 100 people. The company takes sincere letter, safe, reliable aim, severe catch management and Training Within Industry, will offer the Bao Jie with high all-around level to serve with good reputation, establish company image. Main item has: Wait for of all kinds client to offer comprehensive Chengdu cleanness to serve for space of floor of hotel, hospital, school, restaurant, bazaar, commerce and residential village, family; Brush glass, carpet is cleaned, sofa is cleaned, the floor waxes, the room is added sweet, the open up wasteland after decorate, villa protects clean, the wall is cleaned outside, wall stucco coating, face-lifting maintains wait for a service.

What company of day clean homemaking has Germany, Denmark to import is muti_function cleaning machine of high pressure of polisher of the carpet cleaning machine, machine that brush the ground, high speed, cold hot water, blow dry machine dust arrester, headroom to build frame wait for advanced cleanness equipment, professional clean staff and the clean technology that have rich experience are versed in.

Integrated project: Enterprise or business polish of the integral Bao Jie of the unit, unit such as city of hotel, recreation and conserve of stone material face-lifting, marble, face-lifting waxes, Chengdu carpet is cleaned, swab glass, add sweet wait for of all kinds Chengdu to clean Bao Jie to serve.

The wall cleans outside: Homemaking of Chengdu day clean (Bao Jie) the troop that the company deploys the wall outside having a major to clean, have headroom construction aptitude, can carry on wall of substandard of wall of act of glass of high level of guesthouse, edifice, office building cleans a service, assure safety, maintain quality.

Bao Jie is mandatory: In the light of each are unit, family, big the company is offerred clean Bao Jie regularly service, outside the member that send Bao Jie offers all-around Bao Jie to serve, make you do not have trouble back at home.
Door head glass: The board such as billboard is cleaned, conduit dredge, lamps and lanterns is cleaned.
The room adds sweet: Lasting effect of dress, car, room is added sweet; Healthy, happy, good life begins from now.

Other service: Groom, join in, seek advice wait for a service.
Company of day clean homemaking is indebted to the deep love of all circles, the client that is all sorts of types in insular city provided excellent clean service, through arduous effort, our cleanness government serves for many times to amount to mark in appraise through comparison and check out procedure, obtain a government sector reach client admiration reputably, enjoy in course of study of person of the same trade know higher the name is spent. Company faculty acts on “ to serve a society, the spirit of enterprise of ” of innovation environmental sanitation, serve for broad client wholeheartedly. “ is begged with quality live, beg development ” to be management manage with credit
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