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Puerperium family nurses
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1. Produce the inspection of dew period
Inside a week after childbirth, the examination includes mainly:
(1) uterine systole circumstance: Puerperium is made the same score for hilum by palace of the first the emperor, 2cm issueing ~ drops everyday after, postpartum sky of 10 ~ I4 falls basin of to the marrow, do not hit uterine bottom via abdominal examination, the examination has without tenderness.
(2) the appearance of lochia: Lochia reachs mucous composition by organization of blood, necrotic film. Cent is: L) lochia of courage and uprightness lasts about 3 ~ 7 days.
2) serous sex lochia makes an appointment with 7 ~ 14 days.
3) white lochia makes an appointment with 14 ~ 21 days.
Postpartum 3 weeks are controlled clean, lochia of courage and uprightness lasts two weeks of above, demonstrative uterus recovers from an illness bad. Have except lochia of the important news outside seeing figure without the stink, if have a stink,the specification may have childbed infection.
(3) circumstance of heal of abdomen, perineal cut: Examination cut has the blood that do not have ooze, haematoma and infection case, discovery is unusual arouse the puerpera makes a diagnosis and give treatment to the hospital.
(4) systemic circumstance: Understand general situation, spirit, Morpheus, food to reach big, pee to wait.
Measure blood pressure: The first time visit with the 2nd blood pressure all is measured in inspecting, discover postpartum blood pressure is elevatory should give processing.
Measure temperature: The puerpera is postpartum inside 24 hours because childbirth is fatigue, temperature is spent gently elevatory, do not exceed 38oC commonly. Postpartum 3 ~ 4 days, because of mammary strut, temperature can amount to 39oC sometimes, count a hour continuously, do not exceed 12 hours at most, if postpartum temperature lifts continuously, should find out reason and produce so that infection differentiates.
Measure pulse: Because placental loop stops, circular blood quantitative change is little, lie in bed of together with puerperium rests, puerpera pulse is slower but the rule, 70 times for 60 ~ / is divided.
Measure breath: Because postpartum abdomen presses a bring down, lie between flesh to drop, breathe deep wait a moment, it is 14 ~ 16 times about / cent, lift when puerpera temperature, breath and pulse all are accelerated. What should notice heart lungs is auscultatory, if have,different often should report in time.
Produce the inspection of function of back row make water: The puerpera that water of obstetric forceps, paunch, sluggish produces wants special attention micturition function whether unobstructed, prevent uric road infection, coach the puerpera waters more.
(5) mammary examination: Examination tit has without knit crack, mammary gland is in charge of whether unobstructed, the breast has measure without red, callous, galactic exudation.

2. Of puerperium nurse reach wholesome guidance
(1) the cleanness of vulva is wholesome: Daily should rinse vulva. With disinfection perineal mat, maintain perineal ministry cleanness, prevent infection. If cut strut is aching, can use the Shi Fu of alcohol juice gauze of 75 % , usable still 0. Of % ~ 0. Hip bath of 02 % potassium permanganate water.
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