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Food wants during confinement reasonable
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The 6-8 week that the woman labors, puerperium common is called to say on medicine " confined " . Be in " confined " during prandial very as important as nutrition. Want the loss of additional production on one hand, satisfy infantile need even on the other hand.
Accordingly, want to pay attention to certain amount not only, still ask to have certain quality. Food asks to contain a lot ofnutrition, digest easily. Besides it is particularly difficult to do not eat to be mixed tartly outside chewed food and smoke wine, do not want avoid certain food commonly. According to the report, postpartum smoking restrains lactescence because of nicotine and bring about mother milk inadequacy.
To the dietary habit of each puerpera, accord with nutrient principle should try to advocate. The dietary habit of wholesome to according with nutrition requirement and contain superstition colorific method, should teach masses to give through conduct propaganda correct.
If some places are postpartum,the puerpera does not let eat all meat or fish to feed inside January, more do not allow to eat only egg, fish, accurate drink brown sugar water and millet congee, absorb inadequacy of quantity of heat from inside food not only so, more serious is lack protein, adipose, vitamin and mineral, this is very adverse to puerpera and baby; Also some places do not let a puerpera eat raw or cold food, often regard fruit and watermelon as the food of avoid certain food, say " confined " during eat meat or fish is fed and melon and fruit can make lactescence stops, cause wait a moment without the grandma, this is those who be without scientific reason must change.
But must notice to produce jian hou mian a few days Shang Mo of function of puerpera stomach bowel returns to normal, food does not want too fat with delicate easy digest the food with rich nutrition had better. Produce trouble back at home 24 hours inside, should eat fluidity or pappy food, be like face of soup of millet congee, rice congee, lotus root starch, egg, fine dried noodles, book piece, Kun Tun, soya-bean milk. Increase as manual refreshment and appetitive can eat common food. Quantity of heat wants to should be absorbed amply contain the food with fast protein.
Conditional, can eat some of flesh, egg, fish, breast, bean products more appropriately, fresh vegetable reachs a fruit, in order to promote galactic exudation. If be conditional place to be restricted not to eat these food, also want to often eat some of egg, bean products, green vegetables to wait.
Anyhow, postpartum want reasonable nutrition, eat a variety of food. Prandial accomplish collocation of element of meat or fish, do rare collocation, grain of degree of finish is tie-in, satisfy the airframe need to all sorts of nutrition, the growth of the health of this pair of puerperas and children development is very beneficial.