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New mother, what often make in confinement is wrong
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After the height in delivery room has experienced, back-to-back move is the lunar subproblem that every woman should face. New mother is confined, the mistake that what often make may encounter?

The mistake does not do postpartum check-up

If do not go making an inspection, cannot discover in time unusual and as soon as possible undertakes handling, cure of easy incur loss through delay or bequeath disease. Accordingly, postpartum 6-8 Zhou Ying has comprehensive postpartum examination to the hospital, so that know the position before whether the whole body and pelvic cavity organ restore pregnant, understand lactation situation. If have special and unwell, should go to a hospital undertaking checking ahead of schedule more.

The mistake drinks malted milk nourishing

Although malted milk nutrition is rich, smell is nice, can nourishing body, but the puerpera is between lactation tipple malted milk is unscientific.

Because the malt meeting in malted milk restrains mammary gland,secrete. Lactation puerpera often drinks malted milk, can make galactic exudation is measured decrease apparently, so all through the ages of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine malt use drug as what answer breast.

The mistake often eats chocolate

Alkaline meeting enters the cocoa that contains in chocolate mother milk, inside the system that enters baby through lactation, those who damage baby is neurological with the heart, bring about dyspeptic, Morpheus flabby, cry be troubled by wait ceaselessly. Additional, often eat chocolate to be able to affect the puerpera's appetite, create the nutrient supply deficiency that body place needs. Such, the body that affects a lying-in woman not only recovers, the growth that still can affect baby development.

The mistake often drinks boiled water

The much juice that drink boiling water can increase lactescence admittedly, but the tannic acid that contains in tea can affect bowel to to iron absorb, cause postpartum anemia easily. And, coffeine still is contained in boiled water, the puerpera falls asleep hard not only after drinkable boiled water, influence physical power restores, coffeine still can be passed galactic inside the body that enters baby, bring about produce alvine convulsion or do not have old haunt cry suddenly.

The mistake drinks soup not to eat the meat only

Postpartum and proper drink soup of a few chicken broth, fish, chop soup, bean curd soup to wait more, can promote lactescence really. But also should eat the meat at the same time, because a lot of nutrition are in the flesh, it is not complete in soup. If drink boiling water only and eat the meat carelessly, with respect to meeting influence the body is opposite of nutrition absorb.

The mistake eats a hen not to eat a cock only

The level of female, progestational hormone inside childbirth rear body is reduced, be helpful for galactic form. But of the hen ovarian with the egg certain amount estrogen is contained however in the garment, the meeting is abate the effect of the element that urge breast, affect lactescence thereby. And androgen is contained in the cock's spermary, can defy estrogen. If big cock boiled in clear soup and along with spermary eats together, undoubted meeting makes lactescence. And, of the cock adipose less, the puerpera took not light put on weight, conduce to lactation carrying better figure, cause baby happening diarrhoea not easily also.
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