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Puerperium health care
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◆ body changes
Puerperium common says " confined " . Inside puerperium, uterine change is very big, from the condition after placental childbirth goes out, restore to come gradually progestational condition, general need 30, between 40 climate.
Uterus of the labour pains after the abdomen below uterine systole appears contracts to issue 4 ~ to hilum instantly after childbirth 5 centimeters of place, but hilum develops to go up again after 24 hours, drop about everyday later 1, 2 centimeters. There are partial placenta or caul inside palace antrum, with respect to meeting influence uterine systole causes massive haemorrhage even. When the uterus is contractive, meeting issueing an abdomen has prickled feeling, the labour pains after calling. This kind of phenomenon attributes physiology change, can not grant to handle. If ache is serious, be about to the doctor is checked and be handled please.
The systole of vaginal eduction lochia as the uterus, the lump such as intrauterine blood, necrotic exuviate film organization and mucus from vaginal eduction, this is called lochia. Have bloody taste, but not smelly. Lochia of general courage and uprightness restricts a week time continuously, transform gradually later for color reddish, be like the oar sex lochia of serous shape. Make an appointment with two week hind, turn for color whiter and sticky stiff white lochia. Continuously 2 ~ 3 weeks. Postpartum lochia grow in quantity, time is lengthened and companion has a stink, should suspecting highly is the infection inside palace antrum, or placental, caul remains, the patient should see a doctor in time and handle.
The vagina
When childbirth, by fetal the vaginal wall that maintains, can have a lot of petty cut, after childbirth 9 days, the meeting when micturition feels smartly.
Use the cut of a perineal incision operation, postpartum 9 days of meetings produce convulsion, need not worry at this moment, because of the cut of suture, be in about 4, the take out stitches inside 5 days.
The vagina after childbirth expands, vaginal wall muscle is flabby, tensional bring down, vaginal mucous membrane is knitted folds in a garment disappear. Inside puerperium, tension of vaginal flesh wall restores gradually, mucous membrane is knitted folds in a garment to be in about postpartum 3 weeks or so begin to appear afresh.
Postpartum and original 2, 3 days, the breast is exceeding expand, vein plentiful, tenderness is apparent. Accompany the intumescent, ache that has alar lymph node even sometimes. Classics puerpera is in postpartum 2 ~ breast of the secrete inside 3 days. Primipara lactescence relatively classics puerpera is late, average in childbed the 3rd ~ begins secrete breast 4 days.
Haemal circulatory system
After childbirth 3, the 6 ability after week restore completely to come the level before pregnant. Among them postpartum 2, 3 days, absorb what a large number of blood enter the fluid between systematic circulation and organization from the uterus again, hematic capacity rises instead. Especially postpartum inside 24 hours, heart burden is aggravating.
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