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Follow underwear matter of mom
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The woman is inBe pregnantWith lactation, to underwear the choice nots allow to ignore.

Conceive the briefs of pregnancy: Between gestation, as a result of endocrine change, Pregnant womanthe skin can become particularly sensitive, the metal that chooses briefs so wants with density taller cotton material is beautiful, in case the skin is unwell.

Be pregnant earlier: Be pregnant 1 to 3 months, because fetal height makes an appointment with 9 centimeter, without apparent change. Average pregnant woman still can wear common briefs during this.

Be pregnant metaphase: Should be pregnant enter 4 to 7 months when, the beat of abdominal and apparent ground of pregnant woman rises, the exterior begins change. This period should wear a few tall waists and the pregnant woman briefs that can lap whole abdomen.

Parturient period: Be pregnant enter 8 to 10 months when, celiac wall is outspread, appear alleged and gravid gland, when entering the 10th month especially, greatening uterus can make belly toward pitch more protruding. At this moment, abdominal meeting has very big weight feeling, briefs should choose the abdomen before a few have to add the briefs that protect relatively comfortable.

The corsage of lactation: During lactation, the corsage that the mother should match Dai Kuo to close comes bear hold a breast in the palm, lest appear,relax of flesh dried meat floss reachs flagging situation, lactation corsage is the underwear that has functional sex and auxiliary sex extremely, can choose appropriately.