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The 10 food recipe of new mother
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After childbirth, new mother has some of thing to more or less can steal a dot inside convalescence lazy, only particular a thing absolutely cannot careless -- food. Because, it matters to the body rehabilitation of new mother not only, more drag in furnishs to the nutrition of little baby. Visible, in this special period, food is to new mother how important!

   Postpartum, the dietary standard of new mother

A large number of physical power that when · complement is produced, consume.

· is made adequately galactic, contented darling grows the main demand of development.

· food needs reasonable, nutrition wants balanced, avoid get fat.

   The 10 food recipe of new mother

  ·Affirm a day of needs Kaluoli

In the card the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that postpartum place needs, if be complete feed the person that feed a mother to breed restricts demand one day 2500 calories, feed the person that feed milk a day 1800 calories, if be the circumstance of mixture feed, answer the quantity of heat that case of according to lactescence will come decide to need. The new mother with insufficient lactescence if with complete feed what the person of the breast that feed a mother eats is euqally much, can absorb the Kaluoli of excessive of course.

   ·Pledge again not weight is main line

To blocking the person that Luo Li or nutrient place requirement do not know very, anyhow follows the control appetite, principle that improves quality, and its point eats for all sorts of food.

   ·Severe accuse to be absorbed adiposely

In be pregnant, the mother's body for preparation sucking and stored of 3kg adipose. Because this is postpartum cannot the food of the oiliness fat that edible crosses, otherwise galactic meeting becomes stick silken, mammary gland is easy also block. The Ying Shaofang when making food burns oil.

  · as far as possible little snack and bubble surface

Sweetmeat and bubble surface kind once food eats to will transform into all inside body adipose. And overmuch mug-up also can destroy whole food balanced, also get the accretion in noticing bubble cooked wheaten food is tasted more additionally.

   ·Has boiled vegetable is better than what be born

Its life is in dimension sucking period by mother breast turns to darling, and the nutriment that integrality is short of also is for maternal itself, because this needs edible to contain rich safeguard everyday the vegetable of its life source, and the effect that had been fried or has boiled will been fed than be born, especially but dimension of sex of promotional fat dissolve the absorption of its life A, D.

   ·Much imbibe

Much imbibe can promote the exudation of mother milk, in the body nevertheless reply period eats too much ice to taste and impertinent, the supply that actually water distributes but by pork arrange or stew article etc obtain, and still can absorb much thought its life and protein, solid for one stone of 2 birds plan.
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