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Vegetable also can urge breast
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WomanPostpartumBreast is little, what people thinks of above all is fish of hoof taking a pig, carp, crucian carp, many vegetable have little imagine to urge lacteal action goodly as much, if be cooked together with meat dishes, the effect is much better.

   Day lily

Day lily calls tawny day-lily the flower again, have the another name such as day lily additionally, it is the bud part on tawny day-lily. It is a kind of vivacious perennial root feral herb, the root shows lump, like to grow in the place of moisture back this world. Nutrient part is very substantial, every 100 grams are dry article contain protein 14.1 grams, this almost with animal flesh close. In addition, still contain many vitamin B1, B2 to wait. Because day lily nutrition is rich, reason has more dietotherapy value, motherland medicine thinks it is advantageous damp and hot, wide the effect of next bosom, diuresis, hemostatic, breast. Treat postpartum and galactic no less than, stew thin pork edible with day lily, have effect extremely.

   Wild rice stem

Fabulous Wu Zetian is postpartum little breast, answer defecate constipate, oral cavity ulcer, but her Wei suffering takes medicine, a very deep to dietotherapy attainment scholar Meng Xi offerred prescription of a piece of dietotherapy at that time, a thick soup of bean curd of water chestnut white loach adds acetic attune to take, unexpectedly Zou Ji effect.

Wild rice stem serves as vegetable edible, mouthfeel is honey, fresh and tender tastily, the Changjiang Delta that as land that abounds in rivers and lakes in a region of rivers and lakes is taken, label Changjiang Delta with fresh fish, water shield 3 names dish. Not only delicious, nutrition is rich, and contain C of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin to reach a variety of mineral. Motherland medicine thinks Ganleng of flavour of sex of wild rice stem, poison of heat having solution, defend irritated thirsty, interest 2 mix the effect that urge breast. Nowadays is multi-purpose hoof of wild rice stem, pig, the stem pith of the rice-paper plant (or hill conch) , boil edible together, have the better effect that urge breast.

Because sex of wild rice stem is cold, if wet nurse is taste Xu Han, defecate is disloyal, unfavorable feed more. Additional wild rice stem contains calcium of oxalic acid of difficult dissolve sex more, patient of uric road stone also should notice not to eat too much.

   Asparagus lettuce

Asparagus lettuce divides Xie Yonghe bine to use two kinds, the leaf uses asparagus lettuce renown " lettuce " , the bine says with asparagus lettuce " asparagus lettuce " , have all sorts of rich nutriment. According to the analysis, outside pledging except iron, all battalion nurturance distributes other all is leaf the content that compare a bine is high, accordingly, when edible asparagus lettuce, had better not abandon leaf and do not feed.
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