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Postpartum constipation, how to eat?
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Postpartumwoman, the vexeddest problem is constipation. The cause that causes constipation is varied. The puerpera is inChildbirthRest before bad, the physical strength when about to give birth has been used up big; After childbirth in the firty few days physical strength has not restore, the body is frail; Time of the lie in bed between puerperium is much, devoid activity; The prediction of a person's luck in a given year when childbirth a few blood and humoral (especially summer, humoral use up more) ; Foodsort is Shang Shui more kind with little broken bits, do not have broken bits even kind food; Muscle of postpartum abdomen wall is flabby, alvine peristalsis is abate wait, these reasons rise integratedly, make the costive phenomenon that most puerpera produces different rate in postpartum metropolis.

When constipation, no matter be doctor of traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it is to use cathartic and aperient. But, body of postpartum most woman is frail, body fluid is lost, cannot use high evacuant, appropriate use paraffin oil, fruit guides evacuant waiting for delay, perhaps use dew of a place of strategic importance or tepid suds clyster directly. However, paraffin oil flavour is weak and oily fishy smell is heavy, enter the mouth hard, mufti still can affect appetite; Dew opening a place of strategic importance is not ideal to the costive curative effect of defecate dry and hard; And suds clyster law applies harder again in average household. Accordingly, will tell to postpartum constipation, the method of use dietotherapy, treat a disease to increase nutrition again, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said.

To defecate constipate, at the same time companion has complexion decline Huang Huocang the puerpera of the anaemic symptom such as Mao Jinhua of Bai Mohua, giddy dazzled, tinnitus, eye, can take longan water omelette, perhaps choose ostracean flesh, beef, milk, spinach, mulberry, honey, yam to wait have raise blood to calm the nerves, the food of action of slippery bowel of moisten the respiratory tract.

The defecate of some puerperas is not dry and hard, but not easy however unship, every time defecate, choke with resentment forcibly, exhausted solve no less than coming however. At ordinary times, flustered be discouraged, the whole body is faint, lazy at the activity, can choose meat of beef, rabbit, milk, earthnut, ripe soya bean, honey, yam, sesame seed to wait for the food that has effect of bowel of filling gas profit. Cut beef and rabbit meat broken end for example, add soya bean and rice to boil congee edible.

Undertaking dietotherapy while, still should nurturance is time the habit of defecate. Although not have,can discharge, also should sit a little while on chamber pot, as time passes, can form conditional reflex, nurturance is time the habit of defecate. In addition, return what should notice abdominal muscle to take exercise, eat some of fruit and the vegetable that contain cellulose more.
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