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Postpartum bellyacke, how to eat
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WomanPostpartum, gas blood suddenly empty, airframe resists ability drops, the bellyacke after extremely easy hair is produced, lochia is constipate of endless, defecate, swimmy wait for disease. FoodRecuperation, crucial.

Postpartum bellyacke, below optional in order to dietetic.

● hen 1, go wool and splanchnic and abluent. The root of remembranous milk vetch 30 grams, dangshen 30 grams, yam 30 grams, big jujube 30 grams, load gallinaceous abdomen in all inside, after the evaporate that lie between water is ripe, eat minute days.
Establish of ● anxious hill 30 grams, brown sugar 30 grams, motherwort 50 grams, the decoct that use water is taken, everyday 3.
● does ginger pink 2 grams, brown sugar is right amount, water pours water, everyday 2.
● does rank grass dish 100 grams, water is boiled take juice, add brown sugar and rice wine right amount, hollow drink is taken.
Seedling of ● horsebean stalk 250 grams, water simmer in water takes juice, add rice wine drinkable.
● brown sugar 20 grams, cassia bark 10 grams, water simmer in water is taken.
● brown sugar 100 grams, bright ginger 10 grams, water simmer in water is taken.
● peach kernel 10 grams, pound adds water to grind juice goes broken bits, increase meter of 30 grams, boil gruel edible.
● rock candy 100 grams, add water 200 milliliter, stew rock candy fluid, drink is over, general 20 minutes can alleviate aching.
Duck's egg of ● green carapace 2, brazilwood 9 grams, thoroughly cook duck's egg first, hull hind boils 30 minutes together with brazilwood again, feed an egg to drink boiling water, feed 2 ~ 3 times to get effective commonly.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has very high opinion to the benefiting action of hotpot, have " filling form of ginseng filling gas, hotpot " say, visible, hotpot can be talked with ginseng. Hotpot soup is the good plan that treats puerpera abdominal pain.

   Soup of hotpot of 1 the root of remembranous milk vetch
Hotpot 1000 grams, the root of remembranous milk vetch 100 grams, angelica 30 grams, ginger 60 grams.
Thoroughly cook hotpot fish out first, shang Zhongfang enters the root of remembranous milk vetch, angelica, ginger again decoct. After medical fluid decoct is become, inside soup of investment of section of will ripe hotpot, flesh of the soup after flavorring together edible.
Treat postpartum abdominal pain, vomit, anaemic, leucocyte decreases.

   2 angelica stew hotpot
Angelica 30 grams, ginger 15 grams, hotpot 250 grams.
Add water to put water is lain between to stew inside container ripe hind edible.
This just orders a woman postpartum deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, the ache in the abdomen, xu Han lumbago, hematic withered amenorrhoea.

   A thick soup of 3 yam hotpot
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