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Produce rear body theory, how to eat
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1 fry eel paragraph Eel flesh 500 grams, in cutting Duan Fang boiler, break up fry, take out of fluid of the saliva in eel flesh, boiler hind puts oil to fry moment again since, add green, ginger, salt, soy, right amount yellow rice or millet wine is added before having pot. Ricefield eel is a kind of high protein nourishing food, contain phosphor, calcic, iron and vitamin B to wait. It is children woman ideal nourishing food, can use at curePostpartumFrail.
2Ricefield eel stews the root of remembranous milk vetch Eel flesh 500 grams, cut paragraph, the root of remembranous milk vetch 30 grams. the root of remembranous milk vetch abluent, go up with gauze in bags, put stew together with eel flesh inside earthenware pot, ripe hind take out medical bag, add refined salt, Jiang Mo to flavor, can edible. Can fill gas increase blood, treat the inadequacy that enrage blood, body tired is faint, woman internal lesion caused by overexertion. Add dangshen, big jujube, have more be good at lienal beneficial stomach, the function that beneficial lung solid expresses, can use at prolapse of the anus of deficiency of vital energy, internal piles bleeds, the disease such as uterine prolapse.
3The Qi that boil is solid Qi is solid 50 grams, red jujube 10, earthnut 30 grams. Join right amount brown sugar, thoroughly cook edible. Appropriate and postpartum lienal empty, do not think ofFood.

4Egg jujube soup Bright egg 2, pignut 100 grams, big jujube 12, brown sugar 50 grams. Thoroughly cook pignut first, put egg, big jujube, brown sugar to be boiled together again, the egg eats to drink boiling water after thoroughlying cook. Everyday 1, feed 20 days repeatedly. Remedial puerpera produces anaemia of empty of the back of a person.
5Soup of earthnut big jujube Big jujube 50 grams, earthnut 100 grams. Will big jujube is abluent bubble is soft, pignut is boiled slightly decorticate. Will big jujube and pignut put bowl together inside, add the water of the pignut that boil and right amount clear water, boil half hours with small fire, add brown sugar again after 50 grams can edible. Everyday 1. Cure produces anaemia of rear body empty.

6Juice of leaf of purple perilla of very light blue Very light blue 50 grams, purple perilla leaf 10 grams, brown sugar 50 grams. Boil leaf of very light blue, purple perilla with water first, take juice again strong brown sugar is lukewarm take, everyday 1. Cure produces rear body theory, the whole body of diseases caused by external factors is aching.

7Green ginger juice Ginger 30 grams, very light blue 15 grams, brown sugar is right amount, after adding water simmer in water in all drinkable. Treat postpartum body theory, body of diseases caused by external factors is painful.

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