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Postpartum got mastitis how to eat
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Mastitis isPostpartumThe most general mammary gland affects sexual disease to suffer from, very scarce in the woman of the breast that be not secrete. Mastitis happens in commonly postpartum 3 ~ are controlled 4 weeks, need oxygen bacterium to affect be caused by as a result of change orchid positive more, and postpartumFoodUndeserved, because of inside heat is caused. Because this happens,mastitis should use fighting grape coccus and streptococcic antibiotic to undertake abscess is formed remedial is opposite decreasing is special key instantly. If abscess is formed, should dissection instantly drainage. Still should notice food is recuperated in addition, except with outside medicationing, answer complementary treat with food. But the basis comes on period different adopt different dietotherapy method.

Level is delivered first
Begin a side breast to have nugget, the skin is glowing all round nugget, aglow, have tenderness, have a fever, be afraid of cold, be agitated, thirsty, do not think food, defecate dry writtens guarantee, should use clear hot detoxify, law of detumescence of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it.

   1 gesso have diarrhoea heats up congee
Gypsum 100 grams, honeysuckle 30 grams, orange skin 15 grams, complete melon decline 30 grams, rice 100 grams.
Enter decline of skin of gypsum, honeysuckle, orange, melon earthenware pot decoction first, fluid of medicine of the teem after boil, in all decoction two. Incorporate medical fluid next, join rice to boil congee, ripe sodden namely good. Everyday 3, feed 1 bowl small every time.
This congee Qing Dynasty heats up have diarrhoea fire, travel gas is brought classics, medicinal powder knot detumescence, divide with the stomach irritated, heat can be accumulated inside body of help patient clear have diarrhoea, eliminate inflammation, dredge breast is in charge of, medicinal powder the knot is expectorant, do not hurt a stomach again.

   2 agaric a thick soup
Tremella 20 grams, black agaric 20 grams, forsythia suspensa 20 grams, green skin 10 grams, bright purslane 30 grams, the stem pith of the rice-paper plant 3 grams.
First juice of decoct of Forsythia suspensa, green skin, purslane, the stem pith of the rice-paper plant, fluid extraction drug 750 milliliter, stand-by. hair of bubble of tremella, agaric, abluent hind put earthenware pot, with medical juice decoction, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, move to be boiled to small fire boil 2 ~ 3 hours, when water becomes little but take into consideration the circumstances adds clear water. To familiar to the ear of tremella, black wood sodden, juice is stiff, add a few brown sugar again can edible.
This a thick soup promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid raise shade, cool blood benefits, clear heat is alexipharmic, change exhausted medicinal powder knot, ooze is wet connect breast, in filling gas delay,
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