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To lecithin the understanding of beneficial wisdom action
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Our country is later to the research of lecithin, promote to lecithin especially fetal the understanding of the action that reachs infant cerebra growth starts later.

Be in abroad, the research to lecithin is already special and thorough, special also approbate lecithin.

Be in the United States, lecithin is labelled " 3 big nutriment " one of (protein, vitamin, lecithin) . The food that the United States provides authority most and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) already also made specific proposal: In the infantFoodRight amount lecithin must be added in the center.

Conference of international of the 7th lecithin also makes following summaries: "Summarize research positive result, proposalBe pregnantThe woman takes right amount lecithin, this intellectual growth to the infant is very important. This intellectual growth to the infant is very important..

At present professional personage realises a lot of Chinese dietetics adequately already also the action of lecithin, a lot of manufacturer also devote oneself to the development of lecithin to make. But at present the lecithin product on the market returns number not much, suitPregnant womanThe lecithin product that reachs an infant is fewer. The part is only high-grade recipeMilk powderThe lecithin that is absorbed to use by human body easily was added in. Believe to be in before long in the future, lecithin can appear between more and more pregnant puerperas and infant food.