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Darling of help one full year of life establishs dispute concept
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A lot of people think, the darling inside one full year of life knows to eat and drink only pull scatter sleep, can fool so that they do not cry to be troubled by pretty good, what dispute judges ability?

Actually otherwise. In them muddled muddled understands, Yi prattles, especially mirth and when be angry, already began the observation to thing of outside support of the people and understanding.

Consider to make clear, begin from two months, darling begins to like to watch the person's countenance. According to observation, although Mondayish on physiology or darling is hungry when, see familiar face also is met smile, brothers brandishs. This specification darling has physiology to need not only and also sociality needs. But some mom ignored darling this kind of initial reaction, just satisfy his physiology requirement, indulge self-surrender termlessly also to the willfully make a trouble of darling, such darling can form incorrect dispute view, a lot of undesirable habits affect nurturance even all one's life. Accordingly, father mother should note the following respects:

1, unified dispute standard, good system is built in the respect such as baby food, defecate, Morpheus, wholesome, courtesy. What be carried out strictly and acquire the consensus of family person and operation is consistent. There can be oneself to play after waking up like darling, this is done well namely; If do not have cause ground to cry to be troubled by greatly greatly, behave namely bad. Right now, wh whoever does not pay attention to him, slowly darling knew he is done incorrectly. But, darling still won't talk, cannot express oneself need with the language, can use only cry the feeling that expresses oneself. So, the adult should learn to judge the real reason that darling cries, so that be handled in time to disease.

2, use expressional movement, simple language to try to affirm or deny to the behavior of darling. Half years old of the following darling, mix with expression to growing up gradually the language is denotive praise and blame react somewhat. If pee knows to sit jar, father mother can embrace kiss darling gladly, say blissfully: "Darling was brought up really, really able! " etc. Sometimes, OK still very tender ground touchs baby, reward him most love to eat or the thing that play encourages the dispute view with aggrandizement correct and simple darling ceaselessly with this. When darling behaves difference, can ignore, or the language that feign outfit angry look gets angry with rebuke says: "Not be good darling, did not like " etc. But the behavior that the adult must evaluate darling objectively, cannot go according to oneself mood of differentiate darling is with blame.

3, the life of rich darling. Have the activity of rich and colorful only, ability gives baby more taking exercise opportunity. Darling when a few months, can wait for tease with music, toy; A few more largish, can take darling to go out more activity, with adult and small companionate truck, teach darling correct courteous behavior. If use a movement to express " hello " , " adieu " wait; Teach young associate not to grab a toy; Go to a park not flowers and trees of pull down and break off. While the deed with darling good nurturance is used to, he also made clear the little dispute of life.
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