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What is the feature of infant family education
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The education that inchoate education points to 0 ~ 4 years old commonly, here can be divided according to psychological physiology feature of the infant for two phase.

The education that the first phase is 0 ~ 2 years old. This period is the crucial period of acquaintance of infantile differentiate be shy with strangers, its identify main place of the person is facial ministry. Often contact face with the baby, he can be familiar with more and more. The baby already was had in 100 much square centimeter facial on identify the ability of facial features nuance. So, the parent often can see a few simple logoes, word to the baby model with simple object, wait like young toy, little articles for use, can get identified result likewise. The parent can articulate clearly at the same time, point to the object that identifies to the baby at the same time, train repeatedly so, the word that the baby can speak according to adult, go searching corresponding " content " . The parent should be abided by use a difference first big use a difference gradually again small, first simple hind complex rule, the memorial ability that develops a baby stage by stage and discern ability. This period also is the crucial period that exceedingly of education baby fine is used to alive.

The education that the 2nd phase is 2 ~ 4 years old. This period is infant study and the crucial period that master oral language. Learned to walk as the infant, the amplification of territory, the grow in quantity of knowledge, language of average the daily life of a family conveys their psychological activity hard. This one period, the infant is absorbed particularly easily external language, the parent should hold this period, develop their field of vision, communicate exact language.

This period, psychological activity of the infant is brisk, they have enlarge territory, contact strange thing and the strong desire that add mobile content. The parent answers the characteristic according to the child, make the child much participate in the game with age person and other and beneficial activity conciously, guide child much observation to think more, develop oral expression ability of the child at once. This one period, of the child imitate ability very strong also, the home teachs his a few simple operations with timely ground, the bootlace that be like a department, take a pen to write etc. In the meantime, still can be fostered and develop the child's interest and interest. In the process of good in education child fine habits and customs, should begin the education of moral character.