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Should take seriously build good parentage
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The affection attaching target with prime baby is mom, because he gets along with mom a very short time everyday, from mom caress, feed in feed and be being caressed, the trustful move that produces pair of original the outer world and safety feel. This phase is mom is built close child the important period that attaching concerns. Close child attaching concerns build, of body and mind of benefit Yu Baobao grow, also be helpful for the social affection development after he is grown, make he can be full of love and accredit to others. If be in this one phase, close without the attention child attaching concerns build, change often guardian, change baby-sitter, can make kiss child attaching relation cannot be built steadily normally. Affect social affection growth of the child likely, make its affection chill, disposition is dissocial, trustful to external object and person lack.

One, proposal mom is feeding in the process of darling, accept the proposal that is helpful for parentage building below:

1, please as far as possible use mother milk feed, in mother milk besides including what acting milkings cannot furnish to raise portion and antibody, in the process of lactation, darling lies in mom's bosom to be able to feel sweet mother love, resemble be in mom's uterus same.

2, please as far as possible him belt is raised, ask others to take baby, the psychology of darling can produce estrangement.

3, please as far as possible the affection demand that responds to the child, each of darling call the answer that expecting mom, can get your response, feeling of his meeting equipment promotes equipment.

4, the father love that notices the child is due please, a lot of father think the main responsibility that fosters darling is assumed by mom, father has auxiliary effect only, this kind of idea can make your oversight right the care of darling.

2, benefit is built at parentage, of development of stimulative physical ability close child motion

Particular way is very simple, in the contact with the child, embrace with him more, touch, kiss, right inspect, capture every time opportunity and his conversation, game. The affection that the parent throws is more, jump over with the results that gets in the future now much.

3 months: Side child practices turning over movement

4 months: Helping the child up to practice skipping movement

5 months: Fu lies pull-up, forward catch a toy

6 months: Training child sits alone, give aid to stand moment and do passivity for the child gymnastic