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The Shengwalunding of 3 people
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Ancient Rome period, feburary 14 is the red-letter day that make an appointment with graceful respect to express to be opposite and sets. Make an appointment with graceful the empress that is Roman thearchy, roman at the same time her honour act according to for woman and Hymen. Next will be called on Feburary 15 " Lupasa plays a part " , it is to be used graceful to making an appointment with the red-letter day that rules the other thearchy below to express to respect.

Be in ancient Rome, little male the life with the girl is parted strictly. However, the part is played in Lupasa, boys can choose the name of his beloved girl to be engraved on the vase. Such, when celebrating a festival, the girl that the boy can choose with oneself takes off dance, congratulatory festival. If also be opposite by the girl of pitch on if the boy is intended, they but all the time conjugate, and they can fall in love and enter cathedral marriage finally together. Later generations will be annual for this will be the Valentine's Day surely on Feburary 14.

Be in China, modern people also has had the habit of the Valentine's Day, nevertheless we hear this word, the romantic days of the image most of the thrill through in brain or young lovers. Actually, became father mother we remove the Valentine's Day to come too also is not to have a scope of operation, because darling is the crystallization of love ah, our love has borrowed by another lovely life was gotten continueing.

NO.1 " beautiful dish Valentine's Day "

2002 on December 27, small was born gloriously one by one, arrive so before the Valentine's Day this year, we already drilling passes " romantic " the Valentine's Day.

The Valentine's Day after marriage, how had not been we celebrated all the time, husband said to marry to not be called a lover, always be a horse so
Horse make do. Last year husband is more before the Valentine's Day had hit precautionary needle beforehand, say to after having baby, be everything should conform to the principle of simplicity more, so the Valentine's Day when I received a the most unexpected gift -- beautiful dish.

I still am making double a baby's completion of its first month of life at that time, husband goes early greatly food market, I think it may not be a bad idea, a big eat always is little not, though not be very romantic, but also return pretty material benefit, later husband came back, ground of interest in a state of excitement took a big beautiful dish to arrive before me, still do not forget to serve signal of a blessing: "The Valentine's Day is happy " . I do not have reaction forcedly at that time to come over, what do this spend dish to have to concern with the Valentine's Day?

The explanation that still is husband is classical, "' beautiful dish ' among also have ' flower ' word. Beautiful vegetable can take to have indicative sense again already, much material benefit. " (with " beautiful dish " regard the Valentine's Day as the gift, show the originality talent of this father, such economy and the man of extremely rich sense of humor is good father undoubtedly go up beautiful person selected, congratulation small one by one! )
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