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Have education according to infantile psychology
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A year old former darling won't talk, cannot convey explicitly, but they had had very complex psychology activity, if parents is when breeding darling, can understand his psychological characteristic, undertake in a planned way, purposefully, that will get twice the result with half the effort, so, how to have education according to psychological characteristic of the baby?

Above all, parents can pass lactation, undertake good deed trains, nurturance has regular habits and customs. Will not nurse with cry two behavior connection rises, cannot cry to eat namely, lest cannot build regular habits and customs in the future. Same song can be sung before nurse or hear same music, such children can form conditional reflex, hungry when hear familiar sound to be met quiet to come down.

Designedly takes exercise and train a baby to look up namely next, turn over, quite bosom, stand, walk etc. This forms a movement in the future to the baby the mode with nimble, quick action is very helpful.

The 3rd it is inchoate and intellective development. But the month according to the baby age, prepare colourful toy, drawing, promote the development that its feeling watchs. In addition, pleasant composition, song, the grow upping's euphemistic and live speech, all have favorable effect to infantile psychology development.

The 4th, mother and domestic person should give a baby to be caressed necessarily, feeling and cuddle. American psychologist applies Pi Ci to discover through investigation, if Yo baby room need not nursery governess, use mechanization to nurse only, make the baby is not contacted with the person, the development of the physiology of result baby and psychology is affected. Increased nursery governess later, provided the time that adopts a baby everyday and number, make the baby resolved the worry with hungry skin thereby, morpheus, suck the breast more ongoing pace, sicken rate falls greatly.

Accordingly, foster the mental hygiene of infantile health, those who need parents is elaborate caress, need definite pattern and order, want parents to be able to hold to only, the child can serve as redound with good position certainly.