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The act effect of parents to darling
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How to do an eligible parent? Dr. Bodu White of lab of development of mankind of haing Buddha university and his work in the same placing ever had been begun " the plan before haing Buddhism " , had long-term and thorough research to the baby of 6 months is born first. The purpose is to try to explain the development process in children is medium, having how much natural news is brought as the change of the age and physiology maturity, how many can come through training, how many having is suffer the effect of surroundings and come.

Consider to discover through this, if the mother gives darling to build a kind of environment that is full of stimulation in the home, so capacity increases in the process that darling is probing, they are behaved good-temperedly mostly magnanimous, reaction freely of nimble, association. Decorate a domestic space that fills stimulation to darling so, let them undertake exploration is very necessary surely freely here. Such, darling need not worry about the parent's interference, the parent also need not participate in the exploration of darling directly, inside the visual limits that can control the action limits of darling in oneself again, do chore and thereby more energies take care of darling.

Dr. White returns discovery, ideal mother is good-tempered mostly, they let go let darling go swing, encourage him darling to explore. The passion that uses real help and have one's bosom filled with goes solving darling people the problem that encounter and difficulty. Of course, in let go while, they are holding sense of property strictly again.

Successful mother often undertakes communication with darling, the language that can understand with darling undertakes communicating to it. They can consider darling at the moment intent, use a few be equivalent to or the language that tallish Yu Baobao understands a level, the accident of conversational time follows the apiration of darling and decide, these take care of the course of action of darling apiration adequately, very beneficial to the development of body and mind of darling.