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Holand father is happy Yo
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Father: Eric. J. Wolters (Chinese name: Wu Le is gotten) natural gas of Dutch carapace card and generate electricity financial director of company China company
Mom: Therese. Wolters (Chinese name: Ou Kangle) natural gas of English carapace card and generate electricity company China western extraordinary project general manager
Daughter: Saskia 8 year old school of Beijing Beijing Western learning 3 grade
Son: Matthijs 5 year old the class before school of Beijing Beijing Western learning learns
Son: Caspar 13 month

Dutch Yo the current situation

In Holand, whole society participates in the importance in bringing up child process to have clearer knowledge it seems that to father. If a family has little baby to be born, so enjoy maternity leave besides the mother beyond, just " assume office " the working arrangement that father also can adjust him on certain level. Their meeting and firm are consulting, adjust 5 days of duty for 4 days, so that the OK and more, adds newly member in taking care of a family better.

Holand has the baby with one very perfect a complete set of to nurse system.

Above all, mammy of great majority pregnant need not experience the pain with bumpy road when about to give birth, hurry to a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics to give birth to the child. Every community service center has professional accoucheuse to be when pregnant mammy about to give birth, in arrive home, help them labor in them are familiar and easy family environment.

Next, after baby is born original a few the middle of a month, in still professional baby paramedic arrives home, new mammy of guidance and help attends the little baby that just was born. Just began to come everyday, be opposite as new mammy next Yo of the process be familiar with gradually, with respect to every two days, every 3 days come. Infantile paramedic can coach how new mammy is nursed to darling, bathe, cooking, stay in the home every time about 1, 2 hours. Had their help, new mammy can adjust him better, the tremendous change that goes because the baby is born to be brought to whole family,suiting, go be used to gradually do a mother. And all these, occupying Eric to say is free.

So, is this kind of humanitarian system that labors in the home from what when begin in Holand? Eric thinks, according to his memory, he himself still is a mother be born in the hospital, because this kind of circumstance should be close 2, come to those who form 30 years to be improved gradually. And be in England, therese remembers him clearly is born in the hospital, her little brother is born in the home however. Nevertheless, although be in today, mammy of great majority pregnant still is delivered of his little baby in the hospital. Of infantile paramedic come to serve so perfect without Holand also, the family with living close from urban large hospital ground can enjoy this kind to come freely to nurse, and the family with further hospital of living ground distance is likely fortnight or a month can be enjoyed.
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