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Of you and darling read time
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Does little baby also need to read? Of course. Even if everyday only a few minutes read time, darling also can be benefited from which. If do not believe, look together!

Yao Yao is confused recently went up the cloth book that I buy to her, always pointing to the kitten above " cat, cat " mutter to oneself. Resemble giving oneself taletelling in oneself. After-thought rises, 5 his months begin to dally with this cloth book, nevertheless he can put in the mouth only in those days, arrived 8 months when, he learns one page of one page turn over a book, still like to let me tell the story on cloth book to him in the evening everyday, he is fast now a year old, can know the pattern on the book. Yao Yao learned to meet from this book much, I also discover amazedly, original baby also needs to read.

Research shows, the first year when grow in darling, often let him contact a book, can have very great help to development of his intelligence and affective. Begin the darling that read from infantile period, cerebrum development should compare other child a few faster, and they are more recipient the knowledge that is about to learn and skill.

Explanation of expert of American inchoate education Professor Segal says " read aloud when you when little baby listens, you are in actually he identifies church the different meaning that different sound place represents. And the foundation that these are child learning language and understanding things " . Visible, to darling, the book just does not hold the post of him his to tear the toy that bites in disorder in disorder, the book can take his more advantage.
Read the cognitive ability of pair of little baby:

The bright-coloured color on book of a few drawing, simple design, can provide proper stimulation to darling vision development, return the understanding capacity that can increase darling. When picking a book to darling so, you can search some those who have picture. When reading him to listen, you can point to a drawing to let him look at the same time, explain him to listen again at the same time " darling, see this only lovely yellow sock, go up with your foot wear those who get yellow sock is same! " . Can help darling contact specific thing and its name together so. Also can let darling compare the thing of actual existence in the picture in the book and life, such impression will be deeper.

And, father mother and child share taletelling time together, the affection that can advance him develops. The expert suggests us, should give the child a fixed taletelling time, when giving taletelling, on the leg that can let the child sit in you, such children can have stable feeling and safe feeling.

Even if read to little baby, always also cannot tell same a fairy tale story. Darling also can feel dull. A little little baby can sit in that listen to your taletelling wholeheartedly quietly. Some darling so won't obedient, he will be ceaseless quake will be moved, or it is ground of too impatient to wait wants to snatch the book from inside your hand. Did not focus attention when listening to you to read when darling, you are not anxious also. When normally you read to listen to darling for the first time, he is met such. Need to impose a practice more only, much dot is patient, most darling can like go up taletelling time, ultimate society became quiet.
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