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10 must broken custom
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Parents does surely everyday " homework " include to supervise and urge bub on time go to bed, the nutrition that assures every eat is comprehensive and educational child moral character is exalted... everybody knows, without what opportunistic method can help us foster the darling of health of heart of one's previous experience.

But, our problem depends on: How be just perfect child after all? Want to know, some moment, now and then step on the line perhaps is violated compasses also not be the thing with alarming what, follow please we build benign " anarchy " , break 10 convention!  

   1, must not littery

This is an infallible law it seems that: The child is equal at the disorder. Child day is born with is the nightmare of housewife, look at the buffet of absolutely empty, smelling the odour that the child sends out all over, perhaps see when you he is using your costliest lipstick to make a picture on the mirror when; Again or, what to let us imagine in child eye sofa can use a piece of neat white do? Ha, this does not make the same score whole canvas one piece to waiting for him doodle namely! So come with what again " make a picture " , crumble mixes conserve to look pretty good! -- right now, must you begin to break down?  

When bub does everything so that think method is cleared away again after imbroglio, not only take up a large number of time, still can let you catch mad, this is not the way that clever housewife ought to choose.  

Good method is you can pull the cloth with on one cheap chunk, it is good to it beforehand it spreads on sofa when needing, even if the picture is not over to continue to go next time! You also can limit the mobile space of bub appropriately, for instance a house, if the condition allows, can restrict him in oneself garden. But did not give freely absolutely, although clay, water, dye will be flyblown furniture, but they can gift likewise child creativity and pleasurable sensation.  

   2, cannot eat " rubbish " food 

If you are not the sort of everyday busy the parents of on sb's head, through TV or you notice newspaper certainly the report that the last few years will come to exceed bid about children weight is increasing, this causes the whole society discussion to children food and children dietetics and attention. In this there is a bit in discussing do not have demur, that is contained a lot ofnamely carbohydrate, salt, adipose " rubbish " food has immediate effect to children health.  

Below good case, children should eat the meal that family does 3 times everyday, its cookbook should include new cereal and vegetable at least. However short of of feasibility condition most asks this kind, biscuit also can make the staple food on children table sometimes. Young mother often cannot provide better food for them and feel compunctious. But noticed please: If your child can eat fresh vegetable and staple food everyday, can assure normal mobile time, so now and then eat on one times pizza or it is chocolate big meat also did not concern, because absorb,can not cross much quantity of heat and cause fat.  
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