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How does the infant fill is calcium best?
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How does the infant fill is calcium best?

Problem: My darling 18 months 15 days 0, the issue that lacks calcium is perplexing me all the time, fluid of but dextrose acerbity zinc is acerbity calcic profess to convinced was drunk many, still disappear have what improvement, the friend says to feed had filled, but I also do not know to should have what thing to the child, can better absorption is calcic qualitative, hope to get everybody's help! Thank!

The netizen replies: Filling calcium still has an absorption problem, fill again more, be not being absorbed also is no use. AD complements in the meantime (cod-liver oil) the absorption that can help calcium, precaution is rachitic, bask to also can help calcic absorption more, must arrive outdoors, cannot lie between glass, because ultraviolet ray is,cannot penetrate of glass. Additional, of system of road of infantile tummy bowel not perfect, also can affect absorb.

Proposal filling calcium while a few more compensatory alvine way is good bacterium, like mammy love, accrete yuan etc (be at ease, beneficial bacterium is not medicine, be the more the better) , of system of gastric bowel road be not being perfected also is the germ that causes children eczema, the great majority that says my son so is ill, improving gastric bowel to is crucial.

Attention, calcic agent is unfavorable mix with the grandma eat. After mixing because of calcic pink and grandma, the grandma can form small, the influence is absorbed. Calcium and cod-liver oil appropriate are feeding a grandma, eat after half hours.