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Husband and wife is not later than 35 years old of unripe darling
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Chair by Zhong Nashan academician " healthy life enters big lecture room of community popular science " today tell desk moved Beijing to face south modern city. Division of state of philtrum of give a lecture assist chairman Han Qide compares health with racing bike, popularize healthy common sense, offer a piece of advice young husband and wife does not want to be later than 35 years old parturient, got the warm reception of community people.

Han Qide says World Health Organization is defined " healthy " be body, psychology and to the society good suit. The life that the state when everybody is born differred to decide you basically can be vivid how long, this is just like run quickly and Xiali car is same. But as a result ofMaintainThe environment with different, located car differs and repair a person to differ, run quickly not to compare Xiali certainly bad late.

Health also is such. The healthy and congenital factor that Han Qide says a person is occupied 20% , maintain occupy 70% , other factor is occupied 10% . "But congenital element also can be changed, be in namelyBe pregnantPeriod. Bosom pregnancy does not catch a cold, want to notice nutrition, but not nutrition is superfluous, should notice pleasurable, be checked regularly to the hospital. Be checked regularly to the hospital..

Han Qide says the opinion of the elder sister that becomes a doctor in department of gynaecology and obstetrics according to him, the child with 22 unripe annual expenditure is best. "But our country advocates late childbirth of marry at a mature age now, 22 years old of unripe children are good, not be to say unripe child is bad 32 years old, but arrive again late 35 years old bad, the child that is born after 40 years old is congenitalDiseaseprobability is higher. " Han Qide offers a piece of advice humorouslyWhite-collarPeople 27 years old marry, 30 years old parturient.

Han Qide also is born to cancelling these a few years of children after marriage check the amount of the congenital person that contract a disease increasesWatchShow careladen. "When be born, be not worth with respect to a priori had occupied now 3% , because a priori is not worth the little patient scale that cause to occupy,expression comes out 5 years old before is 5% . " he hopes to allow marriage young person or should make clear first hereditary cause of disease and respective body state.