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Darling learns the optimal age of literacy
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Little baby is brought up gradually, can have gone can run. At that time, father mother begins to be the educational be anxious of little baby, is when beginning to let darling study literacy after all just first-rate?

The conscious development of the optimal age of the child that learns literacy and child is concerned. Consciousness is person head is opposite the immediate effect report at sensory external object whole. Appearance consciousness is the person head report to graph of object appearance or geometry.

Since 3 years old, appearance consciousness development of the child is very rapid.

3 to 7 years old, as the growth of the age, the child knows graphical percentage correctly to rise stage by stage, the average time drop off that place of the task that finish uses.

And when 4 years old, the child is the most sensitive to graphical consciousness. The character also is a kind of graph actually, the Chinese character is a kind pictographic, it is a kind of special logo.

So, in this moment, teaching child learn to read is best.

When parents is teaching the child learn to read, want to notice to arouse the child's interest, should use method of a few game more, let the child learn literacy below the environment of relaxed joy. Additional, also not be eager to hope for success, the study ability that the need with the cerebrum not quite perfect still development of cheeper relapses for many times learns truly, do father and mother should accompany child learning patiently, do not let him feel pressure.

Remind baby father mother: Know how to read and writing can not be one and the same, do not see Bao Xiaobao just was met know how to read, urgent consider teachs him to learn to write, learn to write or wait for the child again a few growner say again, study wants to come slowly euqally euqally, do not get urgently.