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3-6 year old it is know how to read optimal age paragraph
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Japanese Tokyo has many nursery school that teachs cheeper learn to read, according to a research that they begin from 1967, 5 years old of child intelligence quotient that begin to learn partial Chinese character can be amounted to 95, begin to learn when 4 years old can amount to 120, and begin to learn when 3 years old can amount to 130.

The optimal age of children literacy had newest view. Held by teenager children press a few days ago " literacy of the children before learning teachs a seminar " on, the expert that comes from two ground of Beijing Shanghai thinks, 3 - 6 years old are the optimal age that children learns a Chinese character paragraph, let the child be read as early as possible, interest is good and harmless to fostering the child's study.

Traditional point of view thinks, the A-certificate before school age learns literacy prematurely. Our country children is commonly 6 years old hind of enter a school learns 6 weeks of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet first first, begin next " see a graph read phoneticize literacy " . However, single phoneticize teacher and student goes against the development, thinking that develops children. According to analysis of worker of a few Chinese, at present culture and education of elementary school language learns the main problem of existence, it is evening of student literacy time, speed slow, amount is little, fail to satisfy the need that student oneself intelligence admits far.

The expert thinks, undertake to the children before school age literacy education has certain requirement. As we have learned, the 6th nursery school is opposite Tian Lin since the class from which the child undertakes literacy is taught, learn through two years, can know 1200 words left and right sides commonly. Expert analysis, if children learns 2000 Chinese characters before 6 years old, do not have commonly read an obstacle.