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The son carries Tang poetry on the back
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My son this year 6 years old, what his small mouth gave a name is fierce. The Tang poetry since special back comes, dye-in-the-wood resemble a young adult.

On Sunday, the staff plays to my home, son vigorously. I say: "Come over to carry Tang poetry on the back to give an uncle the nurse people listen. " his small head shakes flash, have an outstanding eloquence, I complacent, the son is extemporaneous " not dare loudly language, person of sky fearing Jing " change " dare not say aloud, fear Jing upstairs person. " the staff that stops attendantly bursts out laughing, straight boast son is clever and outstanding. After waiting for a guest to go, I ask him: "How are you carried on the back farfetchedly today? " I in him ground of firm of the firm on small buttock was patted a few times, he is frightened cried. Husband reminds me: "The son can change Tang poetry, explain he is a very lively child, be inferior to teaching him himself to learn a poem. " I think reasonable also, since then, I everyday besides teach a son the back beyond Tang poetry, still let him himself learning to make a poetry. One day, I am hitting soya-bean milk to be drunk to him, call him to make a poetry for the problem with soya-bean milk. He is shaking cerebella bag to say: "New century, new style, everybody should protect health, health care is tasted, hundreds of appearance, still had better drink soya-bean milk. " I secretly glad, son not only can carry a poem on the back, still can make a poetry. Pardonable ordinary person says: "Perusal Tang poetry 300, won't make a poem also be met chant. " look reasonable. Do not cross a son sometimes mischievous, one not careful, change Tang poetry into oneself again " poem " . I and husband are consultative use excellent plan, every time when son chaos changes Tang poetry, we do not make a sound, also do not make any response, give him sense of a not cold lukewarm. Sometimes, we leave him intentionally temporarily, let his person " cold and cheerless " . Such, desolate he is a few hind, the son feels he changes ignore of Tang poetry parents in disorder when him, also changed in disorder no longer.

The children before school age is language development period, if the child has chaos to change the bad habit that makes up in disorder, the parent should give in time guide correctly and teach patiently, want to guide correctly perservingly and be taught only, regular meeting obtains favorable result.