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Civilized language habit is made from courteous diction
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Gorky has said: "The clothes that the language is all things and thought " . As a contemporary parent, in breeding process of the child, should note the babble level from the child, teach him to learn courteous diction with respect to the attention. For instance correctly appellation Yours Excellency, say " thank, please, I am sorry " wait for courteous diction.
Still have a kind of case, although child conversation does not take dirty word, but talking manner is bad, mood is impatient severe even. This also is bad habit. Just think, culture of language of a person, behave however graceless, perhaps behave decent, export however assuming, this is disharmonious. Accordingly, the parent should let the child learn to talk in breeding process amiable, manner is lively and cultured, easy, form need a person the good convention of cordial, natural and graceful.