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Jiangxi visits duckweed countryside town: Seek of exploration new mechanism is n
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Duckweed country city is located in Jiangxi to save western, gross area is 3827 square kilometer, total population is 1.81 million. Lu Xi showing administer, go up chestnut, lotus 3 counties and An Yuan, Hunan east developing zones of two economy of Ou Jiping country. Downtown the city zone builds an area 60 square kilometer, person 500 thousand. Duckweed country city is city of the resource with one individual much little ground old factory, it is the main birthplace of Chinese latter-day industry, element has coal of " Changjiang Delta the beauty of the countryside " of porcelain of report of China of the countryside " of fireworks and firecrackers of " , " , " praise.

Urban and rural all plans the main attempt of obtain employment

"During 15 " , in the course that make changing with the enterprise in industrial structural adjustment, personnel of this city off-duty workers unemployment is amounted to 6. 160 thousand person, labour force of rural have more than needed 350 thousand person, year add able-bodied person newly nearly 20 thousand person, obtain employment again obtain employment situation is grim. See take up an occupation to defeat again obtain employment difficult problem, this city carried out " industry wealthy town, 3 city yield flourishing, open work city, environment to begin the development strategy of " of city, talent strong city, promote obtain employment through expanding economy again obtain employment. In the meantime, from beginning to end enlarge obtain employment and social security job to be placed in prominent place, right urban and rural as a whole obtain employment had a few attempts:

It is exert oneself is built enlarge obtain employment and target of responsibility of social security job to examine a system, layer upon layer decompose goal assignment, sign responsibility form.

2 it is exert oneself breeds market mechanism, form the labour market of urban and rural an organic whole. Be dug adequately and use this locality finite post resource, conduct idea of course of study of laborer change choose, preliminary formed an individual the market mechanism of obtain employment of own choose course of study, market adjustment, government stimulative obtain employment, market obtain employment leads more than 80 % , make countrywide labour market construction and " of obtain employment service are new 3 change " to build pilot city.

3 it is exert oneself perfected labor to ensure service facilities, provide a service for urban and rural laborer. Hall of agency of service center of city obtain employment, social security, cure keeps agency hall, vestibule school, work safeguard is censorial inform against complain center, labor to arbitrate hall, labor ensures a phone to seek advice from work of service center, 4 course to ensure service window to wait for facilities of 8 great services to build entirely use, extended service function.

4 it is exert oneself founds labor to ensure website of net, obtain employment and phone of 12333 labor safeguard to seek advice from a service center platform of 3 big news, announce price of guidance of labour market salary to the society, release quarterly profession supply and demand to analyse a report, release obtain employment regularly information and groom information, provide convenient and quick service for urban and rural laborer.
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