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The development of Xiamen cannot leave the enormous contribution of staff of work of ab extra Wu, the builds for the special economic zone new force that municipal Party committee, municipal government weighs, height takes seriously, kind consideration. My bureau falls in the leader of municipal Party committee, municipal government, it is with the person this, to come staff of mansion Wu work is offerred groom, the obtain employment that authority of obtain employment, safeguard, dimension is an organic whole serves, the member that it is worker of ab extra Wu builds the obtain employment environment of harmonious warmth. A few practice introductions that serve the our city the field in staff of work of ab extra Wu now are as follows:

One, build more perfect labour market system, to go into town the high grade obtain employment that peasant worker worker provided a system serves

(one) treat equally without discrimination, the member that allow worker of ab extra Wu enjoys a citizen pay

The member that assure worker of ab extra Wu is enjoyed as equal as the citizen obtain employment pay, fair land participates in obtain employment to compete, the our city was not versed in to ab extra Wu personnel obtain employment has any unreasonable restriction, maintain obtain employment to serve the consistency of policy. Our city from 2005 January rises 1 day cancel " card of obtain employment of Xiamen city ab extra personnel " , go into town Wu work staff the temporary residence permit by oneself or Id but to apply for a job deals with procedures of equipment of the cable that use worker worker. Had done to master an enterprise to be mixed with industry news in the round go into town Wu work staff comes the statistical analysis of circumstance of mansion obtain employment, because of,decrease " card of obtain employment of Xiamen city ab extra personnel " the inconvenience that the statistical analysis that cancels to work to obtain employment brings, city of system of network of information of government of obtain employment of our city have the aid of, area, street (town) , community (village) 4 cascade net and enlightened " net of Xiamen manpower resource " (network address: Http://www.xmhr.gov.cn) , execute intranet to report equipment since January 1, 2006, go into town to the employ of Wu work staff puts on record and remove through undertaking the enterprise is recruited on the net namely working relationship puts on record.

(2) normative labour market, spread sweet obtain employment

The our city serves obtain employment " new 3 change " blend in communal obtain employment to serve systematic construction, promote communal obtain employment service standard ceaselessly, formed relatively normative profession introduction, vocational guidance, vocational training, service to send, representative of general affairs of safeguard of poineering guidance, labor muti_function the obtain employment that is an organic whole serves a system, perfect the professional introduction that gives priority to the profession such as run by the local people of dry, commonweal to introduce an orgnaization to develop jointly with orgnaization of communal profession introduction to serve platform stage by stage. Labour market of 8 city, region " have have city " , offer one-stop service, the member that it is worker of ab extra Wu jointly with employment agency of many 60 run by the local people and 3 commonweal employment agency provides a standard the service of sincere letter. Annual after the Spring Festival my bureau with labor censorial branch takes the lead in coordination the public security of the our city, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to begin blow jointly with human affairs the concentration that illegal duty uprights activity, begin profession of run by the local people to introduce orgnaization examination and appraise through comparison regularly at the same time, strong purify and environment of normative labour market. As the intermediary of Xiamen city profession in making preparations (manpower resource) guild holds water, the labour market of governmental adjusting control and industry self-discipline work along both lines more will healthy, orderly, prosperity.
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