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Zhejiang is saved fine government of the people that start city about boosting o
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Each county (city, area) people government, municipal government is departmental each unit of the door, directly under:

To boost our city obtain employment further again obtain employment works, basis " the State Council about strengthening obtain employment further again the announcement that obtain employment works " (the country sends 2005 〕 of 〔 36) with " government of Zhejiang province people is good about be being done further obtain employment again the executive opinion that obtain employment works " (politics of short for Zhejiang Province sends 〔 2006 〕 16, combinative our city is virtual, put forward as follows to carry out an opinion now, carry out seriously please carry out.

One, make clear " 915 " during obtain employment again guiding ideology of obtain employment job and goal assignment

(one) guiding ideology. According to scientific progress view and compose build the demand of socialistic harmony society, fulfil " 915 " period countryman economy and social development program, will enlarge obtain employment to be placed in economic society to develop more prominent place, insist to carry out fulfil " obtain employment of own choose course of study, market adjustment and government promote laborer obtain employment " guiding principle, continue to implement vigorous obtain employment policy, the staff of unemployment of come off sentry duty that makes bequeath of good system shunt as a whole again the obtain employment of obtain employment and new student labour force works, do work of obtain employment of nice town labour force and obtain employment of rural labor move as a whole, enlarge obtain employment as a whole dimensions and optimize obtain employment structure, improve obtain employment quality, exploration builds the stimulative obtain employment of urban and rural unifinication below market economy condition to grow effect mechanism, realize urban and rural obtain employment to be mixed more adequately stage by stage fair target.

(2) " 915 " during obtain employment again the main task that obtain employment works. Solve the problem of unemployment of come off sentry duty of system shunt bequeath further, of personnel of difficulty of the obtain employment in making staff of unemployment of good come off sentry duty mainly again obtain employment works, consolidate again achievement of obtain employment work, enhance obtain employment stability; Do work of obtain employment of labour force of good new life hard, the key has done obtain employment of graduate of old technical secondary school to work; Continue to advance unifinication of urban and rural obtain employment, exert oneself improves rural labor to go into town obtain employment environment, the key has made farmer of the ground that be asked for again obtain employment works. Accelerate obtain employment management to serve systematic construction, height takes manpower resource development seriously, elevate laborer profession skill and poineering ability. Strengthen unemployed adjusting control stage by stage, unemployment control is inside reasonable range, reduce amount of long-term and unemployed personnel. Perfect social security system further, work up obtain employment and motive of social security couplet are made.
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