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Community obtain employment makes the point of growth with urban new obtain empl
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, the child that community development is historical phase

Community is the interface of country and society, community is all sorts of societies are handed in contradictorily collect a place. Community development is returned in China is a burgeoning concept, community development of China has apparent level sex feature, should experience to be started by the government necessarily, the government is driven, work up is driven to the government and community is participated in coexist, so that be formed finally to community system, the development of 3 phase that the ego canal put in order that implements community, ego runs. Below system of traditional planned economy, administration of Chinese city society puts in two lines: It is with organism of of all kinds economy namely the unit such as enterprise or business, mechanism, school is rely on, execute an unit to run a society, the government realizes social control through the management to the unit; It is with local administration the organization is the district government that rely on, namely city -- area -- street -- house appoint can chase class government, the object of this kind of management is given priority to with having the citizen with attributive unit, include to be out of job the personnel, personnel that do not have course of study, difficulty and especially tired dweller wait for brim crowd. From social demand contented angle looks, what current China community builds is arisen the result that also is social ego development. As the propulsion that the enterprise reforms, "Unit person " change is " social person " , " community person " , the life of people and unit is depended on be cut off, community more and more the basic life vacuum that makes people; Meanwhile, as the further active progress of market economy, flow of the professional change of people, space is added increasingly drama, district sex society manages the pressure leap of a line. Below this kind of circumstance, the function that district sex governs is gotten be known afresh and attention, the form that builds with community gets all-time aggrandizement. In the meantime, in current China socialism primary level, social security system have not the socialization level that life of perfect, society serves level of income of not tall, people is finite and of individual capital accumulate still lack very much, a lot of difficulty of community dweller can appeal to be solved at community only. Dwellers more and more discover they are having a lot of common interests in community, be necessary to also the right is organized, self-made, keep watch and help defend each other, maintain common interest, satisfy collective requirement. Be in then street, house appoint below the organization of the meeting and guidance, community service comes on stage above all appear.

2, community is being driven obtain employment, alleviate the action in obtain employment pressure

Obtain employment is the people's livelihood this, bring national plan, it is the basic premise that people improvement lives and basic approach. Do good obtain employment and again obtain employment works, matter to implementation to build the grand target of comparatively well-off society in the round, those who matter to implementation collectivity people is collective and rich. Community is urban cell, community obtain employment is to expand obtain employment and promote again the main component of obtain employment. Found community of sufficient obtain employment, should build harmonious society around compose namely this target, rely on organization of street community party and basic level labor to ensure working platform, through digging latent capacity of community obtain employment, development post of community obtain employment, fulfil again obtain employment gives aid to policy, offer obtain employment serves and carry out again obtain employment aid, help solves personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty, especially " 4050 " the member that wait for obtain employment to strand difficult again obtain employment problem, achieve enlarge purpose of obtain employment, stable obtain employment, the personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty that makes there are labor ability and obtain employment desire inside this community is on obtain employment basically again the road of obtain employment. Found community of sufficient obtain employment, it is the need that compose builds harmonious society; It is the need that builds comparatively well-off society in the round; It is the need that realizes full-scale development of the person.
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