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A few cities appear " professional guide "
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The reporter saves Luoyang in Henan, unseal the high speed crossing of periphery of city of and other places reachs city mouth, see a lot of hands are taken " act as a guide " brand, see those who nonlocal car stops to rush forward go about selling an idea " professional guide " .

It is reported, like Henan Zhengzhou, also appeared in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Guangzhou, Nanjing at present " professional guide " this one new industry. "Professional guide " appear, in driver of convenient other place while, the person that also be personnel of unemployment of numerous come off sentry duty and labour of the Wu that enter a town again obtain employment open up way of an obtain employment.

Many nonlocal drivers express self-identity to this one profession. Ying Ji of Liu of Hunan book driver says, he comes for the first time Zhengzhou deliver goods, issued a freeway to did not know how to should go, if rushed by map of a piece of traffic or road indicates card drive a vehicle, appear extremely easily behavior of violate the rules and regulations. And ask a guide, pay 30 yuan to be able to carry the urban district smoothly at most.

A middleaged man that is engaged in acting as a guide for years tells a reporter: Unplug Yi Jiang Ke casts driver of other place of  center? to like, we are willing, act as a guide do not break the law again. We act as a guide not only, still take a driver to arrive a few hotel, hotel and station, after leading a visitor, hotel or hotel are returned 10% to the rake-off of 20% . "

Zhengzhou city hands in policeman detachment Yun Fei of Zhao of 5 groups team leader thinks, look from the surface, because nonlocal driver has demand,the guide's occurrence is, but as a result of guide identity complex, quality is uneven, and on the traffic thoroughfare that gang appears in high speed crossing or enters the urban district, affect urban figure not only, violate order of normal drive a vehicle badly also, at the same time the likelihood browbeats person is safe.