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Shallow talk about community construction and problem of community obtain employ
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Strengthening community to build is to be in " 915 " during advance a city to change the serious content with modernization. Combine community construction and community obtain employment cheek by jowl rise, it is a when the help solves obtain employment problem practical road.

One, community is the base that enlarges obtain employment, it is the stay that implements obtain employment policy nod

Community construction is getting the attention with wider and wider people, because community builds the tide that representing a period,this is, the condition that its are built and develops is the important measure of degree of civilization of the society that judge value and life quality. The main job of community includes the square respect range such as community obtain employment, safeguard, public security, wholesome, culture, among them obtain employment is the mainest job, involve people to care most, the the directest, actualest personal profit, it is good that the first place that should be placed in community to build catchs grip.

Because unemployment rate house does not fall high, be in quite long period, must increase control unemployment stimulative obtain employment obtain employment rate, regard a government as a of the job very main main task, enlarge obtain employment, promote again obtain employment is placed in economic society to develop more prominent place. The obtain employment that the government should pay close attention to basic level and foundation highly again obtain employment works. The policy that the problem is us and management often jump over basic level to be not fulfilled more, lack the result more to basic level more. At present from our country community builds a circumstance to look, because suffer the effect of a variety of elements such as economic zone environment, the case of each district community and community obtain employment is big different, but facing a collective pressure is pressure of labour force obtain employment, a when be faced with common problem is the obtain employment with the more sufficient implementation of personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty that how promotes community. Regard the base that enlarges obtain employment as street community only, as fulfil obtain employment again the important segment of obtain employment policy, it is clear to try to find out the real intention the object investigation that enjoys policy try to find out the real intention the object investigation that enjoys policy, explain policy conduct propaganda, " again obtain employment accommodation paper " examine and verify extends wait for fundamental job to do solid, ability finds the stay that implements policy to nod, ability implements policy to body of personnel of unemployment of each come off sentry duty. The obtain employment condition that carries street, community will examine of policy fulfil a circumstance, examine stimulative obtain employment again the policy efficacy of obtain employment. If Sichuan saves combinative community construction, establish activity of community of sufficient obtain employment through beginning, fulfil each to give aid to seriously policy, initiate community economy is hypostatic 33 thousand, induct find a place for personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty 300 thousand person, effect of community obtain employment is very apparent.
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