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Nutrition of the children before school age should note what problem
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The children of 3 school age early days that arrive 7 years old (say again young child) , as more and more as outside contact, imitate a gender stronger, vivid momentum is bigger, physical strength is used up gradually grow in quantity, cerebral growth is rapid, intellective development is rapid. For this, must provide enough tall nourishment. The good convention that should continue to identify straight ground to catch good dietetic hygiene at the same time.

Young child the development of intellective development and cerebra (especially the development of pallium) having close relationship with nutrition. Young child the 90 % left and right sides that already reached a person to the weight of the cerebra when 5 years old. Intelligence develops a 50 % that reach a person 4 years, arrive 8 years old to be able to reach 80 % of the person. Although intelligence develops to have very big concern with the education of outer shroud condition, must be in this age level, be like the nutrition that needs in the round carelessly, especially protein in short supply, so intellective development also can be affected.

The child grows 3, after 4 years old, the rate that weight increases will be a few slower, and the growth of height is rapidder, because,this is the growth as the age, of vivid momentum increase, of physical strength use up also increased. Because intellective leap of the child develops, more and more to external object understanding, adult every act is affected to his all round bigger and bigger also, if love to carry,feed, snack, majority is suffer an adult to affect and come. The child does not have a meal well, weight can be reduced, become angular, and height still is in go up quickly long (especially girl) . Parents discovers child weight and height are apparent unworthily when, should think of the child can suffer from hidebound, if because carry,be,feed cause, the thought that is about to do good child in coordination with nursery school teacher works, say the benefit that says comprehensive nutrition, carry the harm that feed, the help is overcome carry the bad habit that feed. If because did not tell sanitation to suffer from verminosis,be, be about to undertake drive bug cures as soon as possible, the insect that will pull (common is ascarid) look to the child, tell the child, he so so angular, limp, spirit is depressed, because insect captured inside body,be the nutrition on his body, to this must very attention, the sanitation with good nurturance is used to.