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Of the chart of food Wen Liang of mom notice (1-3)
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Alimental " lukewarm cool chart " the food that is will different attribute, fasten listed detailed list by 5 food constituent, facilitating reader consults.

1) food group

Tepid sex -- flour, broomcorn, polished glutinous rice and its goods.

Cold cool sex -- buckwheat, millet, barley, highland barley, gram and its goods.

Smooth sex -- rice, polished long-grained nonglutinous rice, corn, yam, red bean and its goods.

2) vegetable group

Tepid sex -- liver mosses of dish of sword bean, hyacinth bean, green vegetables, yellow bud, mustard, caraway, chili, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, pumpkin, garlic bolt, garlic, broadbeaked mustard, garlic, green Chinese onion, ginger, ripe lotus root, ripe Bai Luobo.

Cold cool sex -- celery, wax gourd, unripe Bai Luobo, three-colored amaranth, cucumber, balsam pear, unripe lotus root, asparagus lettuce, aubergine, towel gourd, wild rice stem, arrowhead, laver, day lily (work taste) , Hao of dish of kelp, bamboo shoot, winter bamboo shoots, chrysanthemum, bitter fleabane.

Smooth sex -- cabbage, tomato, cowpea, taro, chicken feather dish, beautiful dish, green beautiful dish (cauliflower) , head of black agaric, tremella, yam, careless head, pine nut benevolence, sesame seed, carrot, onion, dawdle, Xianggu mushroom, .

3) fruit group

Tepid sex -- litchi, longan, peach, big jujube, Yang Mei, walnut, apricot, orange, cherry.

Cold cool sex -- fruit of banana, watermelon, pear, mandarin orange, orange, persimmon, bright lily, sugar cane, grapefruit, hawkthorn, mango, yangtao, Jin Jie, arhat, mulberry, Yang Tao, cantaloup, unripe water chestnut, unripe water chest nut.

Smooth sex -- apple, grape, citric, Wu Mei, loquat, olive, Hua Gong, plum, smoked plum, Chinese flowering crabapple, pineapple, pomegranate, fig, ripe water chestnut, ripe water chest nut.

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