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Coloured food affects children health
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There is food on the market, among them what a lot of affiliation is artificial pigment. These chromatic food cater to children people curious psychology, their appetite can increase on certain level.

Producing what chromatic food place uses is artificial synthesis pigment, this kind of dye is from inside oil or coal tar abstraction comes out to pass chemical method compound, have certain noxiousness. The development of children is not perfect still, hepatic alexipharmic action, with the kidney excrete a function to compare difference, often use pigment to be able to be accumulated slowly rise, damage health. Besides, a lot of individual faker on market are mixed as a result of intellectual confine irresponsible, the content of artificial pigment is OK in food twice is become of 10 times exceed add of standard mix into, this is damaged to health bigger.

Use pigment can use up the alexipharmic material inside body, disturb the normal metabolization function inside body, occurrence bellyacke, abdomen goes up, hidebound wait for a symptom. Often feed chromatic food to still can be brought about chronic and toxic, adhere to when secondary colour element when alvine wall, meeting generation is stuck feel inflammation or ulcer, adhere to when urology organ, cause uric road stone easily still.

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