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The nutrition that the baby lacks easily
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After by protein, carbon small compound reachs adipose metabolization, heat energy of ⑴ heat energy is offerred.

If intake is little (partial eclipse of mother milk inadequacy, cheeper, carry feed, snack) , can cause heat energy in short supply, short-term inside expression is not added for weight or growth is slow, long-term hidebound.

⑵ protein protein is main by animal sex food or grandma kind offer.

New student after be born if the mother breeds,use artificial feed, develop meter of paste with ground rice or use malted milk, sweet condensed milk feed because lack protein, on these infantile exteriors not thin, but muscle is not strong, grow growth is slow, sickish at ordinary times.

Element D lacks ⑶ Wei Susheng

Even if mother milk, also lack vitamin D, the mother breeds feed needs seasonable complement, and milk feed person criterion more want provision. After lacking vitamin D, skeletal development is sufferred from easily by the influence rachitic.

⑷ iron

Iron is the iron that after children is born, one of hematopoiesis raw material obtain by the mother's body in the keep in storage inside body, can offer the 3 ~ after be born of 4 months need. The food that if not seasonable complement contains iron after 4 months,abounds can appear nutritional the sex that be short of iron is anaemic. Fish, flesh kind, iron is contained to measure in blood of pork liver, animal much and absorptivity is tall, the amount containing iron in soja is not small also, vitamin C can promote iron to absorb, should complement appropriately to the baby.

⑸ calcium

Calcium is the important part in skeleton. Adult is at present prandial in be short of calcium generally, children is growing growth phase, to calcic need the quantity compares an adult much. Although the calcic content in mother milk is low, but scale of calcic, phosphor is proper, absorptivity is tall; Although the calcic content in bovine breast is taller than mother milk, but because phosphor is tall, affect calcic absorption. Calcic absorption hang on vitamin the action of D, the calcic absorption when lacking vitamin D decreases. Those who want an attention is bovine breast cannot be taken at the same time with calcic agent, because both encountering, can make milk precipitates.

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