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How to develop the dietary habit with good darling?
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One, fixed repast time: Every time the time of have dinner is secured as far as possible, do not want be hungry full.

2, fixed repast position: Had better have the fixed food that suits darling height.

3, anteprandial not snack: Baby tummy size is small, random snack affects its appetite.

4, repast mood is happy: Not be when have dinner rebuke child, should let the child's buoyant have dinner.

5, allocate food meticulously: Need to notice alimental color, sweet, flavour when cook, in order to bring darling have dinner into play indigestion

6, repast wholeheartedly: Unfavorable edge eats an edge to see TV or play when have dinner.

7, do not carry feed impartiality: Darling is a few righter just the food of edible is unaccustomed, the parent should be the first eat same
food, make a model to the child.

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